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Title: March 2005 Update
Post by: ferretfan on March 03, 2005, 07:29:02 AM
Good news to start the month... Tika and Bandit were adopted last night!!!

Fred and Peanut are doing well.  Due to the fact that Fred has insulinoma, reducing his expected life span, the adoption fees for this wonderful pair have been reduced.

Misty, Mocha and Skyler are still under close watch.  Skyler still has a wheeze that we cannot find a cure for (suspected allergies).  Misty and Mocha are still underweight and missing fur.  They will continue to receive food suppliments and we will wait until the spring to see if they regrow their fur.  Despite all this, they are a VERY active trio with lots of running, jumping, climbing and dooking.  You just have to watch out though, as Skyler and Misty can nip unexpectedly.


Title: March 2005 Update
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on March 03, 2005, 08:25:06 PM
Hi, I was Tika and Bandit's foster Mom since October.  I was having some allergy and health problems and had asked that Tika and Bandit be moved to another foster home when one became available.  I love them so much, it was a very hard decision :( .  Marion was coming to get them last night (Wed. March 2nd) and I was very sad and upset, but then she told me they weren't going to a foster home, they had been adopted!!  :D  I was so pleased, they are wonderful, fun ferrets who deserve the very best!  I have many pictures of them and will always remember them and have told their new family to call me if they have any questions or concerns, so hopefully they will keep in touch.  I do not think I will be fostering anymore,  I get too attached and want to adopt them all :rolleyes: .  Three of my ferrets I have now came as fosters and stayed.  Truthfully, if Tika and Bandit had been able to integrate with mine I think I would have adopted them despite the allergies, I'd have just stay drugged out on Benadryl :lol:   Because I travel to visit my parents a lot and my ferrets come, and they all have to stay together,  I can only ever have one shift.  This is the other reason I don't feel I should foster, because it means that twice a year, for a month or more at a time, the fosters would need to be babysat, and this would cause a lot of problems I think for the other foster parents who already have a LOT on their hands, it would be difficult to find someone able and willing, and hard on the fosters too, maybe, to be shifted around that much.  Even if fosters did integrate with mine, my parents would not be happy if I dragged home my four, plus fosters, they love ferrets but find it kind of overwhelming.  HOWEVER, I WILL BE FREE TO BABYSIT NOW!!!  :D  When I return from down home in June, I will be willing to babysit for FRSO members (they get priority status) and any other people who need ferret sitting.  I will take up to 4 for up to 3 weeks or so, more time if less ferrets.  That way if I find I am allergic to any of them, I know they will not be here too long ie won't be a constant allergic environment.  All the money will go to the FRSO, to be paid to them directly BEFORE the sit date, or at least half up front, this can be discussed with the board, members might have different arrangements re: cost etc.  So, I hope that helps in lieu of fostering :unsure: !    I am going to X-post this bit about babysitting to another section as well,  Cheers, DEE

Title: March 2005 Update
Post by: ferretfan on March 20, 2005, 03:19:34 PM
Hi Everyone!

It's been a busy month in ferret land.  Cricket, Pixie and Jingles were adopted today and Dash was adopted earlier this month by his foster family.

Skyler, Misty and Mocha visited the vet this week and here are their results:

Mocha - No obvious problems.  If he's adrenal, he's in the very early stages and there is no obvious swelling of the nodes.  We're to keep a close watch on him, but it looks good so far (his fur has improved a lot since he arrived here).

Skyler - Has inflamation in his tonsils.  We do not know why.  His dose of Pediapred has been doubled and he is now on Amoxicillin (anti-biotics) twice a day to try and cure it.  If he does not improve, he will need to have at least one tonsil removed to determine the cause of the problem.

Misty - Is the worst of the three.  She has severe tooth and gum disease.  She will need to a major tooth cleaning and may need some to be extracted.  She also has a tumour in her belly, although we're not sure what it is.  While she's having her teeth taken care of, we'll need to do exploratory surgery to see if the tumour can be removed.  The total cost of this will be at least $500.  With all this, I am amazed that she has been so active while she's been here.

Four new ferrets were brought in this past week: Two singles and a pair.  We are currently reviewing all the outstanding applications for single ferrets with the hope that the two singles (Dakota and Calamity) will find a new home soon.  The pair, Doodle and Pretzel, are both healthy boys and will be ready for adoption once we check for ear mites.



Title: March 2005 Update
Post by: ferretfan on March 25, 2005, 08:00:35 AM
Hi everyone!  Some good news.  

Dakota found a new home this week.  We've also had an overwhelming number of applications for Calamity and have our fingers crossed that she'll find a new home real soon.

Doodle and Pretzel are doing well, but really could use a home where they get more attention.  These two are amazing, although they do have their quirks.  Doodle likes socks - usually ones that are on feet, so you have to be careful in case he goes for one and misses.  Pretzel isn't always the best at hitting the litter box when he's out playing, although I'm sure he'll get better once he gests used to where all the litter boxes are placed (he tries to find one, but usually runs out of time).

Skyler, Misty and Mocha are still here, although they are due to be moved to another foster home after the long weekend (I need the cage space so I can take in other surrenders as they arrive).  Skyler is still wheezing, and will likely have to go back to the vet in a couple of weeks if it doesn't get better.  Misty is due to go in for surgery on Wednesday and we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that the tumour isn't life threatening.

That's all for now.  I hope everyone has a happy holiday (especially now that the snow is melting)!


Title: March 2005 Update
Post by: ferretfan on March 25, 2005, 01:26:30 PM
More good and bad news...

It looks like Pretzel and Doodle will be moving to a forever home within the next week. Yay!

The bad news.. The Ferret Aid Society in Toronto has been inundated with ferrets over the past few months and are now expecting ANOTHER 28 ferrets from a breeder.  We'll be doing our best to ease their strain, so if you can help us help them, please let us know (we'll be looking for foster homes as well as donations to cover the cost of spays and neuters.



Title: March 2005 Update
Post by: ferretfan on March 28, 2005, 03:59:57 PM
Doodle and Pretzel were adopted today.. Yay!  I'm sure they'll enjoy their new home.  

For those who can help, the Toronto Ferret Aid Society is struggling with 28 new arrivals from another backyard breeder.  They are looking for food, litter, help with vet bills and adopting out some of their residents.  For more information, visit their website at ferretaid.org (http://www.ferretaid.org).