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Author Topic: January 2010  (Read 3523 times)
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« on: January 02, 2010, 05:29:33 PM »

Happy New Year everyone!

Freddy and Cricket are still alive and well and are now able to share the same soup bowl without any fighting. 

Freddy has a gorgeous thick soft winter coat of fur, which is a big improvement for him.  He still prefers to sleep than to play although if you work hard enough, you can get him dancing a bit.

Cricket still hasn't recovered her fur from the surgery, which really isn't a surprise as she's always had a rough coat (something to do with her ADR - Ain't Doin Right - condition).  She also still staggers a little when she walks - likely a result of damage done by the extremely large spleen.  For an old girl, she's still doing OK though.

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« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2010, 08:27:51 PM »

We had a great Christmas here!

One of my previous fosters - Guess came to visit with his new pal Charlie while their people were away - these two fit right in - Charlie clearly has an affection for big boys and spent lots of time cuddling with Frank and Toby.  Bob loved having the extra guests around too - Guess for snuggling and Charlie as a playmate.

Santa and all his helpers were most generous - Toby's Givng Tree Santa sent him some beautiful sleep sacks which he is enjoying tremendously.  He likes his crochet eggs too but Margaret keeps stealing them.  She has a stash in the kitchen and another tucked away in the new Shoe Bed my sister made the kids for Christmas (of course Bob and Liberty know where the stash is and they steal them to hide behind the bookcase....)

We are having a peaceful start to 2010 - Frank and Taz have made their peace (again) and can sometimes be found cuddled together.  Bob plays more frequently with the others and loves snoozing with the boys (she likes all that body heat) - Margaret remains my devoted shadow - she wanders off only to get in trouble which is a sure fire way of grabbing my attention and well Toby - he's one great big fuzzy love sponge.

So except for fighting off waves of tummy troubles (I'm getting darn professional with Sulcrate dosages) everyone here is well and happy.
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« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2010, 11:40:54 AM »

Immediatley prior to Christmas there as a new intake of rescued ferrets, but sadly (not surprisingly), no more room at the inn.   

Long story short, everyone was accomodated with the exception of Larry, a roly-poly guy with a black eye (fight wound) and a vivid orange coat (he has been seen by Dr Auger and no adrenal issues were found).    Needless to say I took Larry home, I can't stand the pleading looks on Beth or Jen's faces. 

Larry fitted right in with my existing group, a dominant male, two tiny little girls who are sisters and Smudge who actually belongs to our President  but is here with Auntie Kim, due to his medical needs.  I also adopted Nettles (now Panda) but he lives alone as he does not like ferrets!

Larry would make a wonderful pet for someone with either an existing group or someone looking for a single ferret. So long as you have plenty of time for cuddles and play, Larry is a very contented boy.  I have yet to discover any bad habits in Larry, he loves to play with cats although mine play too rough, he likes the dog but sadly the feeling is not mutual.   

Having said all of that about Larry, there are many more truly wonderful ferrets in need of homes at the rescue.  I get to see them almost everyday and I love everyone of the fuzzy monsters! 
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« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2010, 09:31:43 AM »

Okay...as always, this is fun due to the numbers I get to report on!


Rex and Ellie - They have gorgeous winter coats and are as funloving and playful as always.  Rex still has his sock fetish and Ellie climbs everything!!!!!!!!

Archie and Buddy - Also gorgeous at this time of year, they are having a blast!  They get along with the whole gang and look for fun time with anyone two-legged and brave enough to walk amoungst the Crazies!

Coquette and P'tit Gris - Coquette has wonderful weight and a thick winter coat. She is sweet and tough and keeps stashing all the toys with Ellie into their cages!  P'tit Gris's weight is okay as is his winter coat and though he has energy enough to play, it is clear he is due for his yearly Deslorin implant to keep up with this group.  We're working on it!

Pumpkin - Pumpkin's kisses are the most popular for those of us who care for these fosters.  Who'da thought that he would look for a cuddle and kiss when two-legged caregivers came down to play?  Doesn't mean he hasn't got a nip or two for stray hands, we've just found the sweet spot.  He had a ? mass or something  in his jaw in December but after some TLC, (thanks Auntie Kim) and a run of antibiotics (Auntie Dr Cheryl!) he's doing just fine!

Finn and Gwen - Though he hasn't slowed down one bit, Finn is actually starting to look a bit more his 7 years.  He and Gwen are funloving and happy to play and an inspiration to the younger fuzzbutts.  Gwen desperately needs some serious dental care, which is also in the works and then we have to consider a Deslorin implant for the adrenal issue. She is on monthly lupron right now.  Finn is due for reassessment to rule in or out adrenal issues as well.

Sophie and Alex - Alex is big and happy and can be found romping amoung the group.  Sophie is a bit more shy and jittery.  She's suspicious and prefers to check things out from a hidey spot then be in the middle of the fray.  Both look pretty good!


Monty and Sambo - Can you believe these big, wonderful, active boys are in the pansie crew?!  Monty is still just on lupron and we are discussing Deslorin vs surgery for his left adrenal issues. Sambo is just fine, thank you.

Poke and Fern - They are young and cute....need I say more?

Harley and Bandita - Bandita looks alot like Coquette and Cassie. She's fun and busy. Harley is soooo sweet!!  We can't wait to get her surgery to remove her growing tail tumour.....doesn't slow her down though!

Cassie and Rosie - Rosie is huge...may actually put my Bruiser to shame.  Cassie just seems content.

Larry, Curly and Mo - These 3 had been separated while we sorted out what Larry wanted in life.  Curly and Mo are fun and active and squeak when they get soooooo excited. Both love kisses and cuddles and have rangy coats and poor weight  that Auntie Kim wants to get  her hands on.  Larry was at a separate foster home for evaluation and we've just recently tried him back with the Pansies who are a very accepting bunch.  So far so good but we all still think he'd do better as a single.

Clyde and Dixie - Clyde is nuts and no one told him he was getting older. Dixie is tooooo cute for words!!!!

Ivy and Gizmo - They are a great weight with great coats and just having a grand old time. I really wish Ivy would stop biting my sock feet!

Marshall and Charlie - Charlie and Mo look so much alike, with their thin, rough coats and bony frame.  They need to be fatter to fit in. Marshall figured this all out and looks awesome!  Kisses anyone?


Ivory - Still happy, still bites, still hates other ferrets.  Looks great!

Mavie - Still nuts........and I mean that!!!!!!!

That's all for this month folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Fuzzyfostermum (Also crazy!)
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