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Author Topic: FALL FROLIC: Saturday November 14, 2009  (Read 6022 times)
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« on: November 09, 2009, 10:25:40 AM »

The Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area presents the Fall 2009 Ferret Frolic!

The Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area (FRSO) is proud to present its Fall Ferret Frolic in Room 203B at the Jack Purcell Centre* (320 Jack Purcell Lane at Elgin Street) on Saturday, November 14, 2009, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. This annual event is presented by the FRSO to help educate ferret owners and the general public about these wonderful pets and to help raise funds for the society.

The Fall Ferret Frolic welcomes ferrets, their owners and curious
onlookers to witness a variety of fun ferret competitions, have their ferret's photo taken with Santa, participate in a silent auction, view a display of FRSO's foster ferrets, ask ferret experts questions on ferret health and ownership, shop for pet accessories and items for ferret owners. This years event will also have on hand the Jeanne Carley Ferret Calendar 2010 and our new fundraising campaign items from "AVON" and "PartyLight". Proceeds from this event are used by the FRSO to help continue their rescue efforts. Please note that all ferrets attending this event must have received a negative ADV test result within the past year.

The FRSO was formed in 1998, became a registered non-profit corporation in the winter of 2002 and a registered Canadian charity in 2006. Its mandate is to care for unwanted, abandoned or abused ferrets. It is the only animal rescue group in the Ottawa area that aids ferrets in need. Ferrets are rehabilitated and given any medical attention they require. Those that are healthy enough are adopted out to carefully screened new families. All others become long-term residents of the group at special foster homes. The FRSO has a no kill policy. The only exception is when it is medically impossible to treat or heal a ferret that is suffering.

Each year the FRSO takes in and adopts out more ferrets as it becomes more recognized and well known. In 2008, the FRSO took in 41 ferrets, adopted out 40 and 18 ferrets passed away before finding a forever home.
Currently, the group is caring for 54 ferrets. The FRSO does not receive any government grants and relies solely on donations and funds gathered from fundraising events. The Fall Ferret Frolic is one of the society’s biggest fundraisers.

*Parking is available on Jack Purcell Lane and at the Elgin Street Public School off of Gilmour Street. For both lots, you must ask for a parking permit at the main desk of the community centre. We would also ask that ALL ferrets arrive in a carrier and that you do not walk around the centre with them in your arms or on a leash. They may be let out of their carriers to walk around freely OUTSIDE or if on a LEASH in the room only.
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« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2009, 11:07:33 PM »

Fall 2009 Ferret Frolic.
Brought to you by the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area.
Saturday, November 14, 2009 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Jack Purcell Centre, Room 203B, 320 Jack Purcell Lane at Elgin Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Our theme this year: The night before Christmas

The cost is $2.00 PER PERSON or $5.00 PER FAMILY, $1.00 PER EVENT

Come out and show off your ferret in a variety of fun games and events and have their photo taken with Santa.

Prizes will also be awarded for Best Theme Related Ferret Costume.

For the Humans, there will be a prize for Guessing Our Vet Costs From January to November 2009.

There will also be a display with some of our current foster ferrets. A play area for all ferrets. A silent auction, with some great stuff, and potential Christmas gifts ideas and sales of pop, water, snacks, t-shirts, badges, ferret hammocks, greeting cards and so much more!!!

DON'T FORGET: Bring your spare Loonies, Toonies, Pennies and Canadian Tire money as well as Harnesses and Leashes for your fuzzies!

We look forward to seeing you November 14th!
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« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2009, 02:15:16 PM »

Auction Items include:

  • Roaster Oven $80 Value
  • Framed Limited Edition (8/500) Ferret Christmas Print $100 Value
  • Hammock and Sleep Sacks
  • Ferret Christmas Gift Basket $60 Value
  • Ferret First Aid Kit $30 Value
  • Computer Accessory Kit
  • HP Inkjet Printer
  • Ferret Bed - Pink
  • Ferret Bed - Blue


Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area
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« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2009, 10:14:08 PM »

Dear members, volunteers, friends and fuzzies,

    These days one cannot turn around without hearing about the H1N1 flu
strain.  It's in the newspapers, the television, the radio, and even
in your morning cereal. Well, it seems that way.  As many of you may
know, the influenza virus is one of the very few viruses that can jump
species from humans to ferrets, and vice-a-versa.  We understand that
many of our members and extended fuzzy families have concerns about
exposing their ferrets, children and themselves to this illness, and
with the frolic coming up on Saturday, we would like to allay some of
your fears and concerns.

     We will be going ahead with our plans to hold the frolic this
Saturday November 14th, 2009, at Jack Purcell Community Center, as we
have in the past.  Whilst it has always been our request that any
sick ferrets be left at home, we would like to re-iterate this once
more.  If your fuzzy is showing signs of a fever, lethargy, coughing
or sneezing, or any related flu symptoms, please leave them in the
comfort of their cages at home.  As well, if you yourself are showing
flu symptoms, do yourself the kindness of cuddling up in your bed
with some warm tea, a book, or Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod.

    As we have at the past frolics, we will have an abundance of hand
washing stations, equipped with a %70 percent alcohol hand sanitizer.
We will have wipes for any poops that happen, and several garbage cans
for the "ferret deposits", as well as several litter boxes.  There
will still be games, and playpens, and many fun things to do for the
moms, dads, kids and kits, but extra care will be taken to sanitize
the play areas and game boards on a regular basis.

    Because of the nature of our foster home, and the ages and chronic
illnesses of some of our wards, we will not be bringing any of our
"Special Needs" ferrets to the Frolic. We will also be paying close
attention to the handling of our younger fosters on display this year
as well. While the H1N1 is not a major deal for a young or healthy
ferret, it can be
devastating for an older or weaker ferret.  We would also like to point
out that throughout this flu season, there have only been 4 CONFIRMED
cases of H1N1 in ferrets in the USA, and while very sad, there has only
been 1 CONFIRMED death due to a secondary infection in conjunction with
the H1N1.

     I would also like to direct you to a H1N1 care and prevention thread
on our web forums, authored by the fantastic, omnipotent, and all
round fantastic dude James Leaman.  It contains prevention and
treatment tips.  The URL is:
http://www.ferretrescue.ca/smf/index.php/topic,759.0.html.  Make sure
you thank James very much for his titanic effort, and he does accept
monetary tokens of appreciation.  Marybeth will also be handing out
another article, newly written by herself concerning H1N1 and the
seasonal flu and ferrets.  While nowhere as good as James, a literary
god, it still makes for some very informative reading.

      So once again, everything is heading forward as planned, and we hope
to see you all there this year, as we have many new activities,
including... PHOTOS WITH SANTA!!!  A favorite from years past, and
many games, activities, auction items, a health tent and many more
things to see and do.  But if in doubt of your ferrets health, let
them rest at home, but do come yourself! However, if you're healthy,
and so is your ferret, don't let the media hype get to you and come
out and enjoy of our Ferouciously Fantastic Fall Ferret Frolic!

See you all on Saturday!
Jennifer Leaman

P.S. My husband made me write all that stuff about him Grin
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« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2009, 06:02:28 PM »

A frolic video courtesy of Montreal Critters is posted at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu5tlbTXfiM

Some photos can be found on our website at http://www.ferretrescue.ca/photo-e.php?catid=22

If you have any photos or videos of the frolic, please contact the Webmaster or PM me. 

Thank you.

Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area
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« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2010, 04:57:28 PM »

Fall Ferret Frolic Results
Donations $26.00
Admission $69.00
Food Sales $74.00
Product Sales $604.00
Games $54.00
Health Clinic $55.00
Photos $70.00
Silent Auction $281.00
Memberships $20.00
Vendor Tables $50.00
Total $1,303.00
Expenses $305.55

Grand Total $997.45

Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area
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« Reply #6 on: May 01, 2010, 04:13:02 PM »

The following are the results of the various events:

Best Costume:
7 entrants with AMAZING costumes!
1st Liberty (Christmas present)
2nd Margaret (Reindeer)
3rd Mercedes (Ghost)

Stocking Stuffing:
5 entrants
1st Taz (60s)
2nd War Ferret (59s)
3rd Liberty (29s)

Nutcracker Bowling:
9 entrants
1st Bounty (7left)
2nd Frank (8 left)
3rd War Ferret (9 left)

Christmas Tree Hunt:
10 entrants
1st Boby (20)
2nd Pookie (19)
3rd Bounty (15)

Chimney Slide:
9 entrants
1st Bobby
2nd Liberty
3rd Bounty

Heaviest/Lightest Female:
1st Liberty (LIGHTEST: 0.64kg)
1st Bobby (HEAVIEST: 0.70kg)

Heaviest/Lightest Male:
3 entrants
1st Toby (LIGHTEST: 1.23kg)
1st Bounty (HEAVIEST: 1.82kg)

Silent Auctions

Auction #1 (8 bids)
Roaster oven: $35.00
Marie H.

Auction #2 (9 bids)
Limited edition ferret Christmas print: $80.00
Luke R.

Auction #3 (5 bids)
Ferret hammock and sleepsacks: $17.00
Lisa G.

Auction #4 (3 bids)
Ferret Christmas gift basket: $20.00

Auction #5 (1 bid)
Ferret 1st aid kit: $25.00
Ryan W.

Auction #6 (4 bids)
Snowflake ferret “shoe” bed: $20.00
Jennifer L.

Auction #7 (2 bids)
Camouflage ferret “shoe” bed: $25.00
Luke R.

Auction #8 (3 bids)
HP inkjet printer: $50.00
Betty S.

Auction #9 (4 bids)
Computer accessory kit: $9.00
Terry M.
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