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Author Topic: September 2009  (Read 2587 times)
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« on: September 10, 2009, 08:52:28 PM »

Greetings Everyone!

Cricket went in for surgery today as her extremely enlarged spleen was starting to cause problems. She survived the surgery but we also found a mass on a liver node.  It was too risky to remove it so we're waiting for the biopsy results before deciding what to do about it (if anything).

Freddy is doing well, although he really could use a non-aggressive playmate.  We're hoping Cricket will be a little more playful once she recovers from her major surgery.

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« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2009, 07:12:28 PM »

Oh Goodness!

I just got logged off while posting my update - guess that is what happens when you are 8 month behind - yes my last post was December!

I'll try to type faster and be briefer this time - I'll also try to to this without having to step away because I'm crying at the sad parts...

January 2009 -  Spike, Juliette, Frank and Margaret are adopted and leave their foster home.  I saw Spike and Juliette and the Spring Frolic and they look terrific - obviously well loved and happy.  Spike was bounding around everywhere - just pure joy on four fuzzy little feet!

With the foursome gone Guess and Jake - two lovely boys join the household.  They are an immediate hit with all the ladies, four footed and two footed.  Jake in particular seems to take a special interest in Wiley who isn't well and treats her with an amazing gentleness, playing softly with her and frequently joining her for naps - curling himself around her to keep her warm despite the fur she is losing.  She is my special baby and for this alone he wins my gratitude and his own special corner of my heart!

March 2009 - without warning we lost Jake.  He gets up one morning and is unable to stand  or move his hindquarters - the diagnosis - unknown to us previously - lymphoma.  There was nothing that could be done, so we let him go.  He died quietly and peacefully with me right beside him leaving behind a very sad foster Mom, his best friend Guess and his foster sisters Wiley, Liberty and Taz.

Much to my intense grief, Wiley followed Jake to the rainbow bridges only a few short weeks later in April.  She finally lost her brave battle with adrenal and heart disease and worsening IBS.  She died in her sleep curled up in my arms.  I'm sure Jake was waiting to meet her at the bridge so she wouldn't be alone.

In April, Jake's companion Guess moved on to a loving forever home and is living happily with his new pal Charlie.  He looks healthy and happy every time I visit.

Other foster homes were experiencing their own losses and after the tragic passing of Rio little Bob came to join our house as did Toby - a big  loveable boy.

Toby gave us his own scare in July when without warning or previous symptoms he "crashed" and refused food or water.  Of course he did this when Dr. Auger was away leaving him in the hands of less experienced doctors who did little to win the confidence of his frantic foster mom.  Fortunately after 24 hours of tests, IV fluids and heated discussions with respect to treatments he seemed sufficiently recover to discharge him and bring him home for observation and TLC until he could see Daren.  "Auntie" Jen and "Uncle" James stepped up delivered emergency supplies and moral support.

In the end Toby was diagnosed with one enlarged kidney - which does not seem to impact him at all - and liver problems which have responded well to treatment.  He's at home being spoiled, amusing the neighbours on his afternoon strolls and playing protector and playmate to Bob when the other ferrets get to be too much for her.

In August Frank and Margaret returned after their adoptive family was forced to give them up due to increasingly aggressive behaviour from Frank.  He's been to see Daren since we suspect his aggression may be an early symptom of adrenal problems; he's on a trial dose of lupron and we'll see if that makes any difference over the next week or so.

In the meantime his re-integration into the household has been bumpy - he seems to become aggressive without warning and randomly.  His companion Margaret tolerates it and is his regular playmate.  Toby, the gentle giant who "allows" Liberty to regularly assert her dominance in the household was not willing to take the same treatment from Frank.  One attempt and a round beating later the boys have worked out a friendly enough truce that they will sometimes nap together.  Taz and Bobby on the other hand steer a wide berth around Frank and yes Taz resumed screaming if  he comes too close which is an excellent alarm system for Bobby who flees to Mom (it's not all bad - I have more ferrets cuddling with me on the couch now - Tobby is the preferred body guard but I apparently rank a close second!).  As for Liberty - well she doesn't give up easily so she and Frankie frequently have to be separated - neither is about to give in!

Margaret on the other hand settled right back in.  She gets along with everyone and has resumed her habit of greeting me at the door when I come home (something Wiley used to do that I miss terribly).  She climbs more efficiently than she did before and still drinks out of the toilet bowl.  She loves to be spoken to and hunts down pieces of my clothing with an uncommon  dedication - they apparently suit her better than the blankets I provide!

That's it folks - an eight month summary of the happy, the sad and the in between...

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