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Author Topic: 2004 October Update!  (Read 2690 times)
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« on: November 04, 2004, 08:38:41 PM »

Here are the October Updates that I have received so far:

· Luna and Nyx
Luna is doing well, and still on monthly Lupron shots. Nyx is slowing down a little and is very cuddly and will nip for attention.

· Schizo, Phrenic, Ashton, Isis
A very mellow group of ferrets who are good with kids and cats. Ashton is insulonomic and is responding well to medication. All four sleep and play together and must stay together. Their age is unknown.. They were kept outdoors for a while and not cared for properly (all are presently being treated for ear mites). Good for first time owners looking for a good group of ferrets.

· Sable
Denise will be taking Sable as of today. Sable came in a very small cage with really bad bedding. As a result she was overweight and it will take time to get her used to exercise and playing. She does not like cats - will attack them.

· Murphy
Murphy Brown is doing extremely well. When she first arrived here she was a little shy and not very active. Now she happily plays with our Harley, running, dancing and dooking around the house. This has helped trim her weight as well (she was a little bottom heavy).

· Donovan
Donovan is a sweetie with an unfurtunate tendancy to nip hard. While he rarely nips me, he does nip my roommates hands and feet on a far too regular basis. Our attempts at persuading him not to nip have not been very successful to date and he may have to move to another home with someone who is better at nip training. Other than that, he is a healthy happy ferret.

· Nate and Gizmo
Nate and Gizmo are still with me. Nate seemed to be developing signs of adrenal hair loss at base of his tail, extra aggression toward Ms. Gizmo and excessive territorial marking. He had one shot of Lupron in the summer and hasn't shown the symptoms since. He has grown a thicker autumn coat, so hair loss pattern might be masked. Otherwise, both are well and well-behaved. NOTE: Nate should be getting a check of his prostate every 2 months and if it is enlarged again, will need another shot of Lupron.

· Tika and Bandit
Both are doing well now. Tika no longer has a bladder infection. She does not like other ferrets. Bandit hops around and is a good climber. They will need a home that is very well ferret proofed. Bandit will nip when excited.

· Cricket Pixie and Jingles
The 3 babies Pixie Crickette and Jingle go very well. Always on top form and always so gentle and lovely.

· Fred & Peanut
They are both doing extremely well. Their diets have improved, as vitamin supplements have been added to their water, and the have been getting frequent treats. They were examined by Dr. Auger after their buddy Barney passed away, and he has given them a clean bill of health. They are now warming up to cats and Fred has shown an interest in other ferrets. Peanut still can't handle other fuzzies, but we're working on this. They both are tolerating cats, although Peanut does want to wrestle with them (something that they are unsure of at the moment). They have both had a great month.

· Alice and Malfoy
Malfoy's immune system is a little weak so we must be careful around other other animals and ensure that the other animals have all ther shots up-to-date. Alice is doing very well.

· River
No Update Received

· Kama
No Update Received

Permanet Residents:

· Alexander
Gets along with most ferrets. Doing very well.

· Bloo
Is now on lupron and has grown all his fur back. Just missing fur on tail. Very active. Is due for his next lupron shot.

· Lena
Has not eaten solid food since a tooth extraction. Eating chicken gravy when hungry. Showing symptoms of small seizures. Hind legs are week. She likely has insulinoma and will be visiting the vet next week.

· Nicki
No longer eating solid food. Is on chicken gravy only. Has constant diarrhea. She’s kissy and cuddly and has days where she won’t come out to play. She is not expected to be with us for much longer.

· Zak
Zak is starting to slow down. In addition to his other problems he now appears to be Adrenal and is losing fur (he is getting lupron shots and is still on Prednisone. His diarrhea comes and goes.

· Bailey
No Update Received

· Flurry
No Update Received
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