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Author Topic: December 2008  (Read 2995 times)
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« on: December 09, 2008, 04:04:26 PM »

Sambo and Monty are absolutely wonderful, lovable boys! All they needed was lots of out of cage time, and one on one time with their foster parents! They are so well behaved - except with dogs, which our friends puppy found out the hard way!
But they almost never go outside of the litter box, and almost never nip or bite! Its great! These two would make great additions to any family, as long as they didn't have prior fuzzies.
They love to chase the cats around, and have a great time wrestling each other over the tunnels. Our kitten cries like a little girl every time they decide to pick on him! Its halarious!
But overall, these two are doing great. Monty's coat came back in finally, a little lighter than before, but it is definately very thick.
In addition, we've finally managed to block off the kitchen effectively, so they'll be having free range of the apartment soon!
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« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2008, 06:47:05 PM »

Not much to report this month.  With the increased pred dose, Peewee has been crash free for a month.  The downside is it has caused his pred belly to balloon even more, making it very difficult for him to move around.  At this rate, I doubt that he'll make it to Spring.  I did manage to get Peewee and Cricket integrated so they share the same cage and are out at the same time.  They usually avoid each other, but there have been a couple of times when I've found them sleeping together.

Cricket is doing well.  She still has a craving for food she's not supposed to have (it seems the visitors and the cat food is always more tasty than her own).

Pepsi and Romeo found a forever home last month.  I couldn't bear the thought of letting these two go, so I adopted them.  They're a fun pair and it's been nice having playful, interactive ferrets again.

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« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2008, 09:06:38 PM »

Hi-hi!  This is Bailey writing for Mommy again, because Mommy is pooped.  This past month I learned how to get up on Mommy's toy table, and knocked over a bunch of her toys.  It was fun!  Then I tried really really hard, and taught myself how to get over the ferret barriers.  I was so proud of myself!  I went into the kitchen and got up on the counter and made a bowl go smash, and Mommy still doesn't know how I did it!  Next day I got over the barrier again a bunch of times while Mommy was showing strangers around the house (what is a "reelisstait ayjent"?) and then Mommy found some extra pieces of that barrier stuff and put them on top so I couldn't get out any more, only the cat tried to jump over them and knocked them down so I got out again anyway, ha!  Also, I learned how to climb up a cloth onto a very high place, and I knocked down a bowl full of little stones and nuts, and they went ALL over the floor.  That was fun, but the cloth was folded over and I got stuck in the folds and couldn't get out until Mommy untangled me.  Mommy took the cloth away so I can't do it any more, but I am not finished learning things yet, you wait and see!

My friend Freddy likes to kiss Mommy a lot, and he has very stinky farts, so nyaaah!  There is another ferret called Pippin who has all rough fur, but she is old so that is okay - MY fur is very soft and silky.  I still cough a lot, but I feel good when I'm not coughing.

That's all for now!  Bye-bye!

I had a bad attitude a minute ago, but I think my ferret just swiped it.
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« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2009, 09:44:56 AM »

What a month!  The arrival of Spike and Juliette brought our numbers up to a magical seven and Spike is the ultimate goodwill ambassador of all ferretdom.  Not only does peace reign amongst the seven but they've quickly bonded into one big happy family!  Gone are the Frank and Taz screaming matches - they frequently play and cuddle together.  Maggie has taken Juliette under her wing and the two are never far apart.  And Wiley - well she is just loving all the warm bodies to help her compensate for her fur that isn't growing back in.  She's always got at least one nap buddy at any time during the day and for night time I've had to put a larger hammock in the cage because the preference seems to be to sleep in one big pile!

The Christmas season brought its own excitement  here with decorations going up and furniture moving around and gift wrapping parties it was a veritable ferret amusement park.  Add to that presents and fresh duck soup made with turkey and December was a big hit.

Juliette took particular pleasure in sneaking up on my sister while she was wrapping gifts - her timing was perfect and her target the pant leg everytime.  She was rewarded each time with a very satisfying squeal and since my sister doesn't understand an invitation to weasel tag she'd get treats and a little wrestle time with me.

Spike discovered the joy of snow (Spike is the most naturally joyous creature I've ever met).  While is not fond of very cold temperatures on milder days delighted in being let loose on the balcony to tunnel and burrow in the snow.  If he could entice a few friends out with for a game of tag - even better.  I suspect this is one little fellow who will like outdoor fun in the summer as well.

All the kids were most respectful of the Christmas tree not even Maggie tried to climb it but the tree skirt with jingle bells was just too much temptation - not only was it fun to burrow under but what a great way to track and pounce on another furbaby - just listen to the bells!  This game initiated by Frank and Spike was played with such enthusiasm that Taz even joined in and she can't hear the bells.

Frank also had one ornament at the bottom of the tree he'd check on each morning.  He'd give it a tap or two with his paw and then move on - I'm fairly sure he was just making sure it wasn't a hazard for the hide and seek game later.

Frank and Wiley had a big adventure in December too - Frank rode along with Wiley out to Dunrobin to get her melatonin implant (she hates being caged in the carrier and a companion calms her a bit).  They had a great visit with the kids at the shelter but on the way home our car's transmission died spectacularly on the Queensway (well actually we just managed to ease unto an off ramp before we lost it altogether).  In the middle of a snow storm the poor kids had to leave a nice warm car and come with me in search of a pay phone; then they got to meet a really nice tow truck driver who let them sit in the front of his nice warm truck while he rescued the car.  I think they were really glad to get home after that.

Christmas Eve was a much more pleasant road trip as Wiley, Taz, Liberty,  Spike, Juliette, Frank and Margaret all packed up to spend Christmas at my sister's with me.  My nieces were waiting for them with a brand new cage set up for their comfort with Christmas bedding and treats.  They had also constructed a whole play area for them including a fort large enough for ferrets and a small child to crawl in and out of and chase each other.  Stockings were hung (yes they all had one) and my little darlings all must have been good because in the morning the stockings were full of treats and there were presents under the tree!

The new year has started off on a bittersweet note, Margaret and Frank and Spike and Juliette have found a forever home and left their foster mom and siblings behind.  All four have gone together which is a wonderful opportunity for them and Jen works hard to make sure our fosters find good adoptive homes so they are off to grand new adventures!

In the meantime it is quieter here - the large hammock in the cage that used to house 7 snuggled bodies in it has been abandoned - I guess it's just not as warm with three.  Liberty is still searching for her lost subjects (who knows what new mischief she'll think up now that being the boss isn't such hard work) and I miss the sound of Maggie thundering down the stairs to meet me every time I come through the front door and the wild round of leaping, dooking and weasel tag that Spike led with such joy every morning when the kids came out!

Good luck in your new home my little friends!
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