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Author Topic: October 2008  (Read 2597 times)
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« on: October 11, 2008, 09:57:56 PM »

Okay folks! I have not been on here in ages but I know you are all dying to hear how my foster ferret kids are doing! (I'll do it by 'shifts')

Here goes!!!

Taffy - Moved to a different foster mum for now because she is such a little busy body and needed her special time, all the time.....and I mean, all the time. She is sweet and loveable but hates, HATES, dogs.  This is difficult since I have a 6 month old, 65 lbs Rhodesian Ridgeback that is learning to love ferrets.  Last I heard, all is well......

Mittens - This little guy is back.  He's a bit stressed and is still finding his happy place since his old sleepy spots have moved.  He's a tough furkid and will be back on track in no time

Pumpkin, Gwen and Finn - This trio is hysterical!  When you see Finn blasting around like some animal on speed, you quickly forget that he is almost 6 years old, if not older!!! Roll Eyes It's all Pumpkin and Gwen can do to keep up!  Pumpkin is giving me kisses now and is sort of loveable!!!!!

Fleecy and Ivory - I dunno...this definately seems to be a love/hate relationship.  They fight and they snuggle...I'm still trying to figure it out.

Cassidy, Honey, Goose, Moka, Syra - These girls rock!

Bongo, Spike, Juliette, Bosco, Panda - The girls give these furkids a run for their money and only Bosco can't keep up.  Syra actually beats on him.....Syra?!  She is such a pansy but I guess she found a fuzzy that was more of a wuss!

Archie, Buddy, P'tit Gris, Coquette, Rex, Elly - This group is just as fun as the above group but play rougher, and get into more trouble!

Gusgus and Cuddles - ARE ADOPTED!!!!!

Crunch and Buster - They are with the crazy group with Rex and Elly but there seems to be the occasional battle of dominance.  This pair has a bit of an obstinate streak that won't allow them to just let Elly be the boss over all!

Bob and Rio - I love these girls. They are so sweet and play so well together.  They don't really get into anything and can be found snuggled in a drawer of blankies when all is said and done.  However......when the heck did Rio start gnawing on feet to get attention during play? Huh

Amadeus - I had to send him to a special foster mum for major TLC. We just can't get this kid to bounce back.....keep him in your thoughts and prayers!!!

That's all for now..........more surrenders on their way this month!

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« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2008, 12:46:17 PM »

I here we're getting even more surrenders coming in.

I'm still taking care of 6 foster.  Romeo and Pepsi continue to gain weight and both are now over 1000 grams - they've each gained over 200 grams since they arrived!  Both are happy, healthy, playful (they play hard with each other) ferrets.  Because of their past history, I haven't tried putting any other ferrets with them.

The rest of the gang is still hanging in there.  I'm not sure how much longer Chase is going to be with us.  His double dose of Lupron helped a little, but I've had to put him back on Amoxyl to deal with the puss in the pee and he's having more difficulty peeing.   

Peewee has now gone more than two months without crashing and seems to be content sleeping most of the days.  He's got a big pred belly now, which makes it more difficult for him to get around.

Mr. Jingles hasn't changed much.  The combo of Lasix and Enacard seem to be keeping the problems in check, although he has very little energy and rarely makes it into the litter box when he's outside the cage.

Cricket is still active, and would really love to attach herself to the new guys (literaly, with gusto).  She's managed to latch on to Pepsi a couple of times through the cage bars, so I'm not planning on letting the two of them out together any time soon!

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« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2008, 07:21:59 PM »

Freddy and Bailey have settled in quite well, with the exception of their litter box habits.  Specifically, they rarely use boxes, both outside the cage AND inside.  Giving them a full Ferret Nation cage with the top half filled with blankets and strategically placed beds and the lower half containing three litter boxes and assorted bedding resulted in horrible poop piles in the lower half only.  Bailey seems to be obsessed with pooping in front of the doors, especially at the bases of ladders.  So the new configuration calls for just one large litter box, firmly wedged in place, with bedding covering every square inch of the cage otherwise, and the same bed that deterred Bailey from pooping at the bottom of the ladder in the top half performing the same duty for a lower ladder.  One night so far, and seems to be working.  As for the floor boxes, I don't know what to do.  Freddy is a major offender here.  Bailey sometimes just seems to be too excited to poop properly, little energy-bundle that she is.  Freddy's more laid-back demeanor has earned him the nickname of Bed-Head Fred, and he gives lots of lovely kisses when he's in the mood.

Pippin is her regular self, although perhaps a little more subdued of late.  She's looking unkempt - I'm anticipating her winter coat to start growing in soon.  She's doing great for a seven-year-old.

I had a bad attitude a minute ago, but I think my ferret just swiped it.
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