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Author Topic: March 2008  (Read 3009 times)
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« on: March 03, 2008, 02:02:18 PM »

Alrighty....it's been a while for me as well....yeesh. Okay folks:

February was a busy month and we have had a few adoptions the last two.  Killswitch and Engage found a home in Pembroke and all is well.  We have a number of fuzzy kids going to Nova Scotia to our sister organization there and that is still a work in progress.  Here's what's going on in my home to date.

Tala- she actually only spent just the month here and returned to Jen and James when Jack found a new home.......though not confirmed yet.  She's doing well and remains spry for an older gal.

Ziggy- Little Ziggy-piggy is so sweet. She loves to play, cuddle, and eat her duck soup.  It's the small things.......I'd like to see her coat a bit thicker but her weight is awesome, if not a bit on the pudgy side.

Inka- Stinky-Inka is also a sweety!  She is independent but will play with the group that 's ripping around together. She is soft and looks young, despite going on her 3rd year.

Panda- She's such an odd duck. Fun and active but will on occasion still have a neurotic nipping moment.  She's happy and that's what is important.

P'tit Gris and Coquette- These kids are doing great. Their transition into my home was flawless and they have shown what a cool pair of furkids they are!  They may have a foster home if they are not adopted to NS this month.

Bonnie and Clyde- This is a fun, young pair of fuzzies that would get along with any human or ferret!  I doubt we'll have them in our care for long!

Willy Wonka and Mavie- This is such a cool couple of fuzzballs. They dook, they run, they are forever trying to make a break for the great outdoors, particularily after Willy discovered his love for snow.  I love these ferrets!  Mavie keeps scoring big time since Willy is so popular with the human ladies and really got spoiled for Christmas last year!

Grisou, aka Pumpkin- Well.....I am finally getting kisses!  Woohoo!!! He will let me cart him around, pet him, snuggle him and kiss him and I even had the favour returned. He is not so apt to try to bite me but I know that this behaviour is not gone. He continues to improve and I am comitted to him being safe and healthy. If he is not adopted, he is safe with me.  If he is adopted, than that process will be closely monitored to ensure he remains happy and healthy...we'll see.

Finn and  Gwen- Every time I see these ferrets blasting around, I can't help but wonder why they are still in our care.  They are young at heart and fun!  Sigh.........

Big Al- he is driving me crazy.......healthy, happy, active, active, active, active.......yeesh.....

Moe and Cyrus- Moe had a left adrenalectomy in february and has since recovered nicely.  He and moe are catching up on missed play time.

Cosmo-Still a cool cat.....no seriously, he thinks he's a cat.......

Till the end of this month........Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2008, 11:54:58 PM »

Pippin is fine and happy.  She seems to be having an especially good time with her toys these days.  Her picture won me a new friend on Facebook.

Matilda is resisting her exercise routine as always.  I am working hard to dissuade her from soiling her cage.  I gave her a new cage configuration designed to eliminate any area which isn't a bed, feeding area or litter box, with the idea that there won't be any "spare" floor to soil on.  This also means she has to actually get out of bed to eat and drink - it was funny to watch her trying as hard as she could to keep her butt in her cuddle cup while using her length to stretch over to her dishes, as she normally likes to do, but she eventually realized she'd have to get up.  Her dishes are also placed high so that she has to lift her upper body to eat from them - my way of giving her a bit of a work out.

On Friday, March 7th, I was giving Matilda her daily wipe-down when I noticed she was bleeding from her vulva.  The upshot was a fruitless attempt to get her to the Carling Animal Hospital before it closed, followed by a trip to the 24-hour Ottawa Animal Hospital.  She was diagnosed with cystitis (bladder infection) and put on Baytril liquid, which she gets twice a day via syringe.  The examining vet also made a very strong recommendation that Tilly be examined by Dr Auger as soon as possible to see what else is up with her medically, since it's clear she is not a healthy ferret.  I'm hoping to bring her in when the new clinic is up and running.

She's loving her cuddles, and also seems to be a Nickelback fan!


I had a bad attitude a minute ago, but I think my ferret just swiped it.
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« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2008, 02:56:18 PM »

Yeah I know, spuratic posting at best these days, just so busy.

Tala:  Got her back from Beth, still a crazy bird.  Sleeps with the old guys, specially ole Mr.Potter.

Rocky and Bandit:  What a pair.  I think Rocky is the cutest thing in the multiverse right now!  Bald neck, big fuzzy head, what a sweety.  Almost hates to be held though, and struggles to get free, working on that a bit, with ferretone.  Bandit, less scared of cuddles.  Gives kisses, and putters around.

Jack:  Jack got a home!!!  Wahoo for him, sniff sniff for his ole foster pop.  Imma miss that little guy, but he gets along so well with his new buddy, I couldn't hope for anything better.

Allister:  This little man is the sweetest, suckiest, eat anythingiest ferret I've ever met.  He is doing so much better with the other ferrets, no longer scared of them, and he doesn't get upset around them.  Big thanks to Mr. Potter, who spends his time sleeping with Allister, and cleaning his ears.  He's a big reason for Allister becoming more comfortable around other fuzzies.

Potter and Goliath:  Wow, what a couple of sweet mellow dudes.  I can't get over how tranquil these two are.  Spent some time looking for their "stash" but I guess it just comes natural.  Goliath loves following his mom and pop around, giving us kisses, and just hanging out.  Cuddles up to Bandit a lot, and with Rocky.  Potter, this guy is a gem, a real sweet old man.  He's so relaxed and calm, loves being cuddled, and sleeping with his mom and pop.  Potter has taken such a liking to Allister, that he follows Allister around so he can cuddle with him, and preen him.  Honestly, never seen such devotion in a fuzzy before, Potter just loves this guy.  He even plops down in front of the little 1 ferret houses if Allister is inside, too cute!

Monster:  Ahh my little monster man...  This is a tough one.  Monster was on pred for his tummy and his poops.  Did absolutely nothing for him.  Did make him a tad bit more active, but nothing else.  Still grinds his teeth constantly while eating, regardless of Solcrate.  Still has bouts of vomiting, and has gained almost no weight.  That being said, he's not getting any worse either.  Came for a car ride with ole pop the other day, and just loved the snow, it was great to see him actually trot around outside, so many more trips out planned.  Still hates other ferrets, and won't let them anywhere near him.  Sleeps lots, but still likes to be cuddled by daddy.  Hopefully once Doc Auger gets up and running, we can do some serious diagnostics and find out whats up with him.  (he's kinda his pop's personal favorite, but shhhh, don't tell the other kids)

Thats all for this month...  Sheesh yeah right, who am i kidding...
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« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2008, 06:03:09 AM »

Yesterday was a bad day here.  In the morning Mr. Pepi had a bout of his usual vomiting (so I thought.  It had cleared up by the time I left for work.  When I arrived home, he had crossed the rainbow bridge.  I was not prepared for such a sudden departure.  He's been one of my favorite babies ever since his first stay here.  I am really going to miss this guy.

Powder hasn't been doing so well this month either.  At one point, I was expecting him to cross the bridge, but he's slowly pulling out of it and is eating solid food again. He's lost weight and is really wobbly, but at least he's making it to the litter box again and eating on his own.  I sure hope the improvements continue.  Still no word from Sandy Hill on the special food though.. this is getting frustrating.

Mindy is doing OK so far.  I'll have to find another cage mate for her so she doesn't get too lonely without Pepi.  She's still an active happy ferret and the Lupron seems to be holding back the Adrenal effects.

Molly really does need a more active cagemate.  I'm trying to get her playing with Cricket and Jingles, but they generally ignore each other.  Maybe with time.  She's doing well health wise, just needs extra interaction time.

Cricket is also doing well, but could use a more active playmate (which is why I'm trying to introduce her to Molly.

Mr. Jingles is slowly slipping away from us.  He's not very active any more and I suspect he's going to need a vet visit soon to check the size of his tumour. 


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