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Author Topic: January 2008  (Read 3438 times)
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« on: January 09, 2008, 07:03:56 PM »

Happy New Year everyone!

To start the year off right, we've got some good news.  Mowgli and Splash have moved to what we hope will be their permanent home.  Hopefully Splash will settle down so that they can have the home they deserve.

Powder received some Totally Ferret Hypoallergenic food for Christmas and it seems to be helping (when I remember to put it out during their play times that is).  His poops are less runny and a lot less smelly, a trend I hope will continue.  Molly is doing well, although I had to move the shifts around as she was making too many visits to my bed at night, keeping me awake while she was 'playing' with my feet.  Molly and Powder now have a day shift since the hyper kids have moved to a new home.

Mindy and Pepi are doing well.  It's time for Mindy's Lupron shot and you sure can tell.  She gets a lot more "worked up" when the effects are wearing off... she literally leaps out of the cage when I open it and does a very fast run around the room to make sure no other ferrets are out.  Pepi still trys to sneak crunchy food every few days, which usually results in him bringing up his soup.  I don't think he'll ever figure it out.

Chase and Peewee are hanging in there.  Peewee had a couple of more seizures near Christmas so we upped his Pred dosage - 0.5cc twice a day - and he's been OK ever since.  Not much new to report on Chase.. he still has the dribbles, but the Lupron is doing a good job at keeping the tumour under control.

Cricket and Jingles.  Cute little cricket is a little lonely I think.  Mr. Jingles doesn't have much energy - even after being put on Lupron - so Cricket doesn't have anyone to really chase and play with her.  Of course, she's fussy so it's not going to be easy to find another cage mate for these two.


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« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2008, 10:28:07 PM »

Okay, here's my first update of the new year:

Pippin is doing just fine, and looks very pretty in her fluffy winter coat.  She received The Fish for Christmas, and loves it.  I hardly ever see her anymore, but I always know where she is.  Undecided  (Hey Rocky, watch me pull a ferret out of my fish!)

Matilda arrived at my place on November 25th.   She was, and still is, terribly obese.  The information I have is that she was kept in a cage for [at least] six months without exercise.  Apparently she couldn't walk when she was rescued.  She has lost some weight since she was rescued, and I believe she has lost some since coming to me, but I don't have a scale to use for her, so I can't verify that.

When she was delivered to me, she had dandruff and a bad body odour.  The dandruff has since cleared up, and I'm carefully rationing her to one bath a month, which she needs.  During the first one, the water coming off her was so dirty I first thought she was peeing in it!  This despite the fact that she had apparently been given a bath by another member not too long before!   Shocked

She could barely walk on arrival, and was having trouble with her back legs.  She's walking better now, and doing more of it, but she still has a pronounced waddle, and she's incapable of anything faster than a slow crawl as far as I can tell.  She can't climb into a standard rectangular litterbox, or a hammock carefully suspended two inches over the floor.  It has taken a good bit of effort to come up with a cage layout that works for her.

She tries to eat any kind of people food, plus shampoo and other sweet-smelling things, which tells me she was given inappropriate food.  Healthy treats don't interest her, but in any case I have her on a strict kibble-and-water diet.  She also gets Ferret Physio, as best as I can manage.  Since I don't offer her treats as an inducement, her reward is to be allowed to go back to bed!

She does NOT get along with other ferrets, and right now she isn't expected to.  When she arrived, her neck was covered with scabs from being picked on, probably mostly by two of Lynn's fosters.  If she's out when my other ferrets are, she's in my arms, or being carried around in her traveling bag - a purple corduroy purse I use to cart her around the house.  The idea is that at least she gets the stimulation of the movement, human attention and change of scenery.

She's sweet-natured, and is only aggressive when frightened - she gave me a good chomp through the knuckle after Charlotte got too close to her.  She was terrified enough to bite at anything that came near, so I'm not blaming her.   She likes being petted, and makes grunting noises that are apparently appreciative.  she also gives kisses, and I've gotten some raw patches on my nose from her licking.  She has a raspy tongue for a ferret!

She has made one good bit of progress.  I taught her to climb the carpeted basement stairs by giving her a leg up for each stair.  On the same day, I put her at the bottom of the staircase and told her to practice - and she managed to make it all the way up by herself!


I had a bad attitude a minute ago, but I think my ferret just swiped it.
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« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2008, 04:08:32 PM »

Tika & Sock Bandit were hanging in there through December.  Regular Lupon shots on December 5.  They accompanied their fosterer on holiday travel (as usual in their big backseat travelling cage) and had a wonderfully stimulating visit to new surrounding and scents - Sock Bandit was dooking and even bouncing a bit, and Tika ran up and down stairs like a maniac and cached kibble in everybody's boots.

Sock Bandit continues to get a split does of prednazone twice daily to control his insulinoma sugar crashes.  The dosage seems to be about right to keep him chipper and his hind legs coordinated.  He s\hasn't crashed in some time -- - much easier on his little system.  When the pharmacists and their assistant see me walking in their door, they know to look up "S for Sock Bandit" for the prescription number and remember he requires brand name Pediapred (accept no substitutions!).

Tika has always been prone to sneezing fits.  She's was doing it again, so I did a double check on laundry residue and cleaning supplies.  Otherwise, she's running about, showing no other signs of respiratory distress or fatigue, although she sleeping proportionately more than she did in her salad days.
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« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2008, 01:11:00 PM »

Smash and Crash are doing absolutely great, they attack the cats, the cats attack back, they go hide under the futon. Its great fun.
The two of them managed to survive with a friend babysitting over Christmas, which I take as a good sign, ha ha. They love to run around my living room, and are fascinated by the new  aquarium. Fortunately they can't open the lid, no matter how hard they try.
Smash is still a little chubby and lazy, spending most of his time sleeping, until Crash's antics wake him up, and the two of them are off around the living room again.
Crash is still chomping down on body parts, when given the chance. Its not so bad anymore, but you still have to watch out once and a while.
The two of them met my sister's great dane the other day. Poor Crash was a little scared, and wouldn't take his eyes off of Dozer the entire time Dozer was in the house!!! Dozer wasn't too sure what to make of the ferrets, either, but didn't seem to think they were dinner. He just wanted to play.
Ultimately, things are going well, I think. 
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« Reply #4 on: January 26, 2008, 12:48:11 PM »

Haven't posted here for a while, and for that we're sorry.  With the whole G.I. virus "antics" Jen and myself have been super busy with sick fuzzies, and kinda forgot.

Jack:  This little man is doing just great.  If you knew him when he first came in, you wouldn't recognize him now,  he's chubby!  I am so happy to see his fat bum trundling along the carpet.   Usually a pretty calm dude, he does know how to cut loose, and has the craziest war dance ever!

Tala:  Tala is doing a million times better since recovering from the virus.  She'll always be small and dainty, but she's active and healthy and happy.  Loves to follow mom and dad around the house, loves to come and preen us at 03:00 in the morning, and gives the occasional love nip when we don't wake up!  Still a little bossy with the girls, and sometimes gets into tiffs with Jack, but nothing serious.

Gyno:  Recovered from the virus, and still laid back.  Likes to sleep with Jack, and just plain relax.

Allister:  He's put on a fair bit of weight, and since his adrenal surgery, grown back all his hair.  Loves to sleep in his little house, still a little wary of other ferrets.  Still, he has moved out into the main ferret room, and seems to actually like our new fosters Bandit and Rocky.

Bandit and Rocky:  Settling in to their foster home alright.  Both are sick with a tummy illness right now, but doing well on their new meds.

Dahlillah:  What a darling!  Loves to run around the place and play with her parents.  Will be off to her new home soon.

Monster:  Good ole Doc Auger diagnosed him with IBS, and he's on Pred right now.  He seems to be doing well on it, and is much more active.  Put on a little weight, but his poops are still liquid, so we'll have to work on that.  Hates other ferrets, but enjoys a cuddle now and then, and seems to enjoy his solitary existance.

Well, thats all for now

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