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Author Topic: August 2007  (Read 3284 times)
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« on: August 05, 2007, 08:10:34 AM »

Tika & Sock Bandit had a dandy time at summer camp for the first half of July.  Suzanne M. and family again took them in, kindly picking them up and delivering them.

En route, they were tested for the Virus and were fine.  Seem to continue ear mite free.

I forgot to leave the Pediapred for Sock Bandit, but luckily a substitute bottle of generic prednizone was found and he would switch to that.

They came back fatter and sleeker.  I know Suzanne likes to give ferrets TLC grooming and also feeds them a combo of Shepherd & Greene and another brand.   I will start to mix too, to see how that goes.

Although Sock Bandit must have been getting the generic predizone chez Suzanne, he dislikes it, as I discovered upon return.

I was back with the ferrets for a week, before off again on a summer work project.

They seem to continue ear-mite free.  Tooth check-up and brushing reveals Tika's first tooth behind a fang is now decayed (continuation of her original bad teeth).  Sock Bandit had some gum irritation and one fang discoloured, but gums recovered their healthy pink after cleaning.

Still a bit concerned about Sock Bandit.  He doesn't seem to like to be picked up or held by his torso - wonder if the tumours causing the insulinoma is causing him pain or spreading.  His fur was getting quite thin by the end of July - adrenal now too?

He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named FoF (Friend of Ferrets) heroically hosted them again for the remainder of July and into August.  They are content with familiar person, familiar surroundings at their alternative pied--terre condo.  We switched back to the brand-name Pediapred to make dosing Sock Bandit easier while I was away.

Seem to be free of ear mites still.
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« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2007, 12:40:46 AM »

Pippin arrived at my place July the 18th.  She's been kept as a solitary ferret all her life, and the other ferrets at Lynn's were making her nervous.

She is definitely blind, and after I made allowances for that fact, she quickly stopped her habit of attacking feet.

She lived in isolation at my place for a few days, and after she settled down and learned the area, I started introducing her to my two ferrets.  Currently, she is living in a separate cage, but getting her playtime with my two in the main ferret area.  She has many disagreements with one of my ferrets, and doesn't like either ferret to come too close, but I am confident about letting them share playtime without close supervision.  Pippin finds the other girls more annoying than terrifying, and sometimes looks for them if she doesn't know where they are.  She can hold her own in a fight, and defends the pair of jeans that is her special territory very fiercely.

Otherwise, she is confident and curious, exploring enthusiastically.   She's chatty, and has a nice bouncy war dance.  Her latest accomplishment is learning how to climb up onto the couch.  Unfortunately, she hasn't learned how to get down yet!

She is healthy, eating and drinking well.  Her litterbox habits are atrocious, but we're working on that, along with her habit of being a little too ready to nip at people.

I had a bad attitude a minute ago, but I think my ferret just swiped it.
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« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2007, 06:06:13 PM »

I've been avoiding posting an update, but have run out of excuses as both Chase and Powder saw Dr. Auger last week.

Pepi and Mindy:  No change.  Both are doing quite well.  Mindy has responded well to the Lupron shots, although it looks like she'll never regrow her tail fur.

Splash:  No change.  She's still a hyper ball of fur.  I haven't been bit by her for a while but she has tried a few times.  I wish I had more time for her as she could really use more interaction with people.

Powder and Molly:  Powder is developing a Pred Belly but aside from his IBD is healthy.  We've started switching him to a turkey based diet and initial results look very promising.. I just need to find a source for the new Totally Ferret Turkey food.  Molly had lost a little weight so we put her on soup to start bringing it back up (she's already a small ferret so cannot afford to be underweight).  She still nips when playing.

Chase and PeeWee:  Chase had his second shot of Lupron (400mcg) plus a Melatek implant to help shrink his tumor.  It's less than half the original size, which means he is no longer in pain and struggling to pee.  PeeWee arrived seriously underweight and has been happily eating soup and is back to a healthy weight now.  We suspect a broken tooth made it difficult for him to eat dry food.  For some unknown reason, he had a grand mal type seizure early in the month, but we couldn't find a cause and it hasn't reoccurred.  Obviously we're watching him closely for signs of Insulinoma or other illnesses.


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« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2007, 08:10:56 AM »

Hey all!  I'm going to sneak my august update here....on this day, the first of september......it still counts right?  :blink:

Cosmo- cool ferret.  Hangs out all over the house during the day, visiting, playing in the dog's water dishes, hiding slippers....then at night, he becomes the 'night marrauder'.....unforgiving, shady and difficult to predict......aaahahhhhaaahhhhh.  He makes up for it with kisses every morning before I have to work a day shift.

Digger-I love this ferret.  A bit of a pansy with anyone but the 3 girls, Taz, Wiley and Liberty.  She's cool with them. Loves her 'out' time!  Trashed my plant yesterday...so proud.

Liberty- We haven't listed her as back and available yet.....it's coming. I'm half thinking of keeping her with her best pals.....the TW show.

Taz and Wiley- There are many ferrets that come to us as pairs but so few are as attached as these girls! And are they fun to watch!!!!  Wiley was diagnosed right adrenal and has had a melatek implant with wonderful improvement!  All her hair came back and her coat is thick and glosssy....her weight is terrific as well!  What a pair!!!!!!

Potter and Goliath- These boys are awesome!  I still can't believe how close we came to losing Potter when I see him today....he's a big, soft, bouncy, beautiful boy...the essence of health!  He's also had an implant...hmmmm.....I guess we know there is some success atleast short term with the melatonin...the real test will be a year or so from now.  Goliath needs to be assessed since his coat has not improved and his weight is borderline. He's still playful and funloving...I would just feel better about having him seen sooner than later. He was assessed a few months ago, but we may go with an implant since he looks adrenal no matter.

Grisou, aka Pumpkin- There has been tons of improvement with this boy!  His weight rocks, he is still gorgeous.  He bites less and less and takes a little longer to get warmed up with harder nips than before...thanks for lending your tough hands Jen.....There's still that petulant side that makes him tenacious and stubborn when he gets it in his little pea brain that he wants something he can't have that leads to unconsolable nipping fits.  We're working on things...lots of kisses go a  long way!

Ladybug - She is a loveable pain.....that about sums it up.

Smash and Crash - Still fun and active but I don't like Smash's weight or Crash's coat...or was it the other way around?

Roxy, Maggie and Miss Daisy - This is such a nice group of ladies. They miss their boys and so have adopted Potter and Goliath into their clan where they don't normally let anyone else.  They would make a lovely adopted fur family!

Snoopy - The poopy machine!!!!!!

Gwen and Finn - There are some ferrets that should have been adopted ages ago and I can't figure out why they haven't been......This is a cool pair!

Mavi - She may be pending adoption.....what an energy ball!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I'm missing anyone...to date, more ferrets come and go from my home thanks to Jen and the many pending adoptive families...my head is spinning.

Me Smiley
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