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Author Topic: THE BEST SAFEST CLEANING PRODUCT EVER  (Read 2842 times)
« on: July 12, 2007, 01:29:44 PM »

Hello everyone,

My name is Marion Houle, I am one of the original co-founders of the FRSO!  Some of you know me, some of you have no clue who I am!!!

I hope everyone and their fuzzies are doing well.

In the last couple of months I have been looking for cleaning products that are safe for our animals (I now have an African Grey parrot, and have had to REALLY CHANGE the way I clean).

Well, I found one and I am so amazed that I have become a local distributor for this product.

I have a blog at:  http://true-clean.blogspot.com that you can check out and get some more general information. If you want a free sample, just fill out the box and I'll send you one.

If you want lots of specific information about the products go to http://followmorgana.com this is a video that will give you all the specs.

If you are ready to order the cleaning products, go to www.shaklee.ca/marion and place your order. You should get it within 24-48 hours (I ordered my kit on a Saturday afternoon, and it was on my doorstep that Monday when I got home from work!)  

What you want to order is the "Get Clean Kit". It costs about $150 and comes with the following: LAUNDRY: detergent, fabric softener, spot cleaner and dryer sheets; KITCHEN: dishwasher cleaner and liquid soap; GENERAL CLEANING: 1 bottle of CONCENTRATED H2 cleaner. This is a general all purpose cleaner that will last you a LONG TIME. For all purpose cleaner you put 1/4 teaspoon of the concentrate in a 16 oz bottle of water. Spray away. There is a slight fresh smell, but nothing overpowering, and it cleans like you wouldn't believe. If you want to clean windows / mirrors use 1-2 drops of the concentrate in a 16 oz bottle of water and off you go. Not only that, the kit has a cloth for windows and mirrors and that cloth is amazing ... works like a charm ... no streaks at all. They also have a cloth for general cleaning, and a great sponge for "digging in there". The best thing about these cloths ... the are washable in the washing machine, so you aren't throwing them out and having to buy new ones all the time!  There is also a scouring pad and scouring cleaner for those "harder to clean" areas (like the oven). The kit also comes with a container of organic wipes. Ferret pee pee on the floor ... just grab a wipe, and it's gone ... no bacteria left behind.  (These products would be very very useful for the foster family that has more than one set of fuzzies, and one of the fuzzies gets sick). Easy to use products to clean the cages, floors, etc. and they are completely organic.

If you have any questions PLEASE call me. If you want to come over and see the kit for yourself, feel free. (Please advise me if you're bringing your fuzzies, my home is no longer ferret-proofed!!!)

My phone numbers are:  home: (613) 744-2536 cell:  (613) 867-2536) and my email address is marion_houle@rogers.com

Take care everyone and hope you're all enjoying your summer!


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« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2007, 09:25:04 AM »

Hey girl!!!!

I'm interested!  If you are going to be at the fall frolic, and if I can peel myself away from everyone for  moment, I would really like to hear more and purchase some potentially.  I'll try to check out your site in the meantime!

ME Smiley
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