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Author Topic: May 2007  (Read 3854 times)
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« on: May 10, 2007, 06:40:41 AM »

A short update on my fosters this month as there's not much to report.

Bear and Powder have settled in.  Powder is missing his friend Molly as Bear doesn't play much.  We'll have to try some mixing and matching to see if we can work something out that will keep Powder active.  Powder is still having diarrhea on occasion, but it's not constant.  Bear is bear.  Likes to sleep and cuddle like a teddy bear.  He's on a low dose of Pred for his Insulinoma and has been seizure free for quite a while now.

Pepi and Mindy are still the most active ferrets here.  There are days when they play so hard and rough that I wonder if they're going to seriously hurt each other.. but in the end all is well.  Pepi is maintaining his weight well and is otherwise healthy.  Mindy still has rough, thin fur despite the melatek implant. We'll likely try another implant next month and if we don't see any results, we'll try her on Lupron (we still suspect an Adrenal gland problem).

Cricket and (Mr.) Jingles are doing well.  Cricket is younger and therefor more active.  She misses playing with Pixie.  Both are healthy although Mr. Jingles is starting to show his age (thinning fur on his tail).  There is a good chance that they will be adopted this month so I've got my fingers crossed.


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« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2007, 07:26:26 AM »


Chelsea - damn this girl is made of tough stuff!  Old, man she looks it, but great appetite and happy with her existence.  Who knew that a little unassuming fuzzbutt could tolerate such long term, a year, high dose prednisone and keep on trucking!  She's so special!

Angel and Storm - Angel has slowed down quite a bit and lost her appetite for a few days.  She's leveled out but I'm keeping an eye on her.  My two old bats are going to move to Viper and FuzzyWuzzy's place to try out retirment living there.  Here's hoping that with more attention, TLC and duck soup love, that they will remain content and healthy.  These old kids deserve the best!

Snoopy - He's so frisky right now.....runs so funny but running!  I shave his belly to facilitate cleaning him.....he actually stays cleaner period!  He gives me hell afterwards but I just giggle.....he's so darn cute!

Panda - Yeesh....this is the healthiest, sweetest, most active unadoptable fuzzbutt we've ever had!  She's young and the best, gets along with everyone and yet she's still been with me well over a year now! Oh well, good for me ........

Potter #2 - You would never have known that this kid was as close to death as he was just by looking at him now!  A full hair growth is coming in so he looks scarwny but when you pick him up, he is super weighty!  He's obviously adrenal in some of his behaviour and so we're going to try the melatonin implant to compliment the leupron already given a number of weeks ago and see if there is any improvement......

Smash and Crash -  The names are fairly self explanatory.

Digger #2 - You know, you never can tell how a ferret will be after some TLC and integrating efforts on the part of the foster home......she is fat...you heard me, fat!  And she loves to play.....and guess who this shy, underweight, pansy ferret now likes to play with?......Smash and Crash for God's sake!!!!!!!! :blink:

Gyno - This kid may be back with us.........he and his roomy didn't see eye to eye but he seems to be doing well here.  Fat and soft.....let's keep it that way, shall we?

Wylie and Taz - Fun, sweet, kissy girls!  Beautiful pair!!!!!!!!  A bit shy with some of the more aggressive - playing fuzzies....Smash and Crash?......... :rolleyes:

Oscar and Tala - This pair has been great!  Tala seems off a bit the last few days but I'm increasing the love of duck soup to compensate, so we'll see.  She has been actually allowing other fuzzybutts to share their cage and now stays with Ludo and Goliath!  She plays well with most of the kids and so they're getting out for a lot longer to play!

Goliath - Doesn't stop dooking, playing and leaping at my legs to trip me on purpose so I'm down on his level and he can open a can of 'whup - ass' on me........ :huh:

Ludo - Fat, Soft, Cuckoo..............

Finn and Gwen - Fat, soft, and give Ludo a run for her money.......

That's all folks!!!!!!!

 Me  Tongue  
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2007, 08:47:52 AM »

Hmmm, not much to say this month...
QB has lost a bunch of weight. He's a skinny mini now, yet he runs around and dooks like a madman!
Chase still loves to hide under stuff, wait until you get close to it, then run out, jump in the air, and attack your legs. It's quite funny when he misses. He just flies right past ya.
Roxy has finally started dooking and going nuts, along with Maggie. The both used to just walk around like little princesses and not get into any trouble. I saw them both dooking a couple days ago and was in shock. Cutest thing ever!
Miss Daisy is forever found sleeping in my bed. If ever she's hiding and can't be found when everyone is playing, she's under my pillows, curled up in a weird position.
All in all, everyone's happy and healthy. Yay!
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« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2007, 08:59:25 AM »

In April 2007:

Tika had Lupron shot April 11.  

Sock Bandit still enjoying his Pediapred.  His fur is lightening as the days get longer.

Bath day happened this month.  The bath water this time was conditioned with some  epsom salt.  Worked well, as I did not see the usual amount of fur re-arrangement and scratching after.

On the leisure front, I re-arranged the maze of drain tiles to their excitement and a certain crackly paper bag from a pharmacy has been much apprecfiated.

In preparation for some travel, I left the ferrets at their condo at their secondary home during the last week of April as I came and went, for a practice run of solo care by their regular FoF (Friend of Ferrets), He-Who-Shall-Not-Be- Named.   All went well, especially since He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named stopped razzing up the ferrets by letting them mouth-wrassle his hands.  
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« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2007, 07:23:19 AM »

Angel and Storm - Angel has slowed down quite a bit and lost her appetite for a few days.  She's leveled out but I'm keeping an eye on her.  My two old bats are going to move to Viper and FuzzyWuzzy's place to try out retirment living there.  Here's hoping that with more attention, TLC and duck soup love, that they will remain content and healthy.  These old kids deserve the best!
Angel & Storm are enjoying their new surroundings and (old) friends. They have been reunited with former resident Damon (known as Animal), Bailey (surrendered with Angel) and Bella (surrendered with Storm). Their new friend, Boomer, has not been playing too rough with them...  yet...

However, they both had to visit Dr. Auger this week… We are going to adjust Storm’s lupron shot (amount and frequency) and Angel is on another medication as she has developed a cataract.

That aside, these sweet ol’ ladies are enjoying their exploration of our house and are known to dance/dook/wrestle regularly.   Smiley  I guess no one told them of their current medical condition/ailments so we won’t either.  Tongue
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Keep on Dooking!
« Reply #5 on: May 24, 2007, 11:01:25 PM »

We are amazed with Alice's health and disposition. She is doing really well, eating, eliminating and playing as normal. Nothing has changed in the last month.

We would love to again question her age???  
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