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Author Topic: February 2007  (Read 3687 times)
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« on: February 04, 2007, 08:08:00 PM »

It's been another busy month with the fosters as a number of them had to visit the vets for various issues.

Pepi and Mindy.  Pepi remains his same old happy, active, playful, fun to be with ferret.  He's had a number of mornings recently where he hasn't been able to eat his soup - mostly as a result of him sneaking some dry food before soup time.  It hasn't slowed him down and he certainly hasn't lost any weight.  Mindy went to the vet a couple of weeks ago as we suspect she may be adrenal.  Nothing was found, so we'll keep a close watch on her and if there's no improvement take her back in 6 months.  She may prove to be a good candidate for the Melatek Melatonin implants that we're planning on trying.  She's still very active and playful, although is losing some fur.

Lancelot continues to surprise us.  There were a couple of weeks where we thought maybe his time was coming... he wasn't eating his normal amount of soup (about 1 3?4 cubes per day).  That seems to have changed and he's almost back to his regular amount.  He has lost some weight and tends to spend most of the day sleeping in whatever sleep sack/hammock he's closest to. Each day he spends with us is a special gift.

Cricket, Pixie and Jingles.  Not much to say about these guys.  They pretty much stay the same from month to month.  All are relatively healthy (Pixie still has not regrown her fur from her Adrenal operation) and are very active during their morning play times.

Buster is doing well (for an old, adrenal ferret).  He doesn't really play, but he loves to retrieve his jingle balls and put them back in their proper place.  He also likes exploring the main floor when given the chance (and scaring his mommy by hiding under the desk where we can't see him).

Temmu paid a visit to the vet as well this month.  His adrenal tumour is getting larger, he's got at least one mast cel tumour on his chest along with a number of other odd bumps, etc.  He's also got a heart murmur which means we cannot operate on any of his tumours.  He likes to explore the house as well as cuddle with his Mommy.

Bear and Power both went to the vet last Friday.  Bear is now definitely diagnosed as Insulinomic as Dr. Auger was able to palpate a tumour this time.  He'll be taking PediaPred to control it and the seizures.  The good news is he's lost some weight and is a little more active now.  Power is still battling Diarrhea and is now on a combination of PediaPred and Amoxicilllin to help control it.  Despite the poop problem, he's still a very active and playful ferret - especially with his friend Molly.


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« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2007, 09:51:29 AM »

Well, the start of Feb sees our family doing very well.  One permanent new addition to our foster family, and one temp addition, and the other guys just thriving.

Laurel:  Still big, still fluffy, still the master toy thief.  He's having a great time hiding his toys, and putting them back when someone else takes them.  No change with this big boy.  Going to make some family very very happy when he gets adopted.

Hardy:  Same as his big brother.  He's now gotten used to being grabbed and subjected to massive hugs and kisses when he runs by his foster mom and dad.  We can get up to a couple of minutes of cuddles from this man at times, which is a great thing.  Plays with his brother, plays with Jack, and is just a pleasant little man.

Jack:  We are so happy with ole Jack.  His weight isn't fluctuating anymore.  He's happy, and active.  Loves his duck soup.  No apparent health difficulties.  He's still scrawny, but he'll always be like that, and we love him just the same.  He's found a new sleepy-time snuggle friend.  He and Sammie are spending lots of time sleeping in their new sleep box together, and I couldn't be happier.

Sammie:  Sammie is a new addition to our permanent foster family.  I picked her up at the Humane Society a couple of weeks ago.  She has no upper canine teeth, and has been that way for a long time.  A surrender, she came from a smokers home, and smelled very strongly of smoke when we got her.  Dr.Auger checked her out, and said that apart from the teeth, and a case of smoke induced asthma, she's a healthy girl.  ADV tested negative, horray!  At 7 years old, if she was a human, she'd be one of those 80 year old ladies who drive motorcycles and skydive, what an active girl.  She had a partner who was put to sleep when they came in, but is doing very well socializing with our foster buisness, and seems to have developed a very special friendship with Jack.  She actually goes and searches for Jack so she can cuddle up and sleep with him.  Jack is also very gentle with Sammie, I think she reminds him of Jill.  Kindered spirits they are.

Spunkmeyer:  Wow, what a little monkey!  I picked him up at the Humane Society on Friday.  Spunkmeyer is a 5-6 month old little boy, and what a dynamo of energy!  He was found in Gateneau wandering around in the snow.  He joined our foster buisness for a day and spent that day terrorizing poor Sammie, and chasing after foster mom and dad.  ADV tested negative.  Good weight, good disposition.  Now racing around and driving Fuzzyfostermom even crazier then she already is.

So happily, a relatevly quiet month, with a wonderful new foster child, and healthy and happy fuzzy babies.

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« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2007, 05:31:56 PM »

Alice continues to be a happy ferret who sleeps quite a bit- she is old!
She is eating, sleeping and playing as normal for a ferret of her age. We have no new health concerns to report on her behalf.

She loves chasing the cat around and stairs continue to be a neverending source of enjoyment for her. She may not like other ferrets but she sure loves the cat...well chsing it round, war dancing and dook dooking for all sheis worth!
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2007, 07:43:59 PM »

Where do I start?! Chase and QB both love to try and sneak up my pant legs, and when I don't acknowledge that either of them are there, they like to lick my leg. Chase sometimes tries to nip to get me to play. He gets the runs sometimes, but that never slows him down. He’s always running around, dooking, with at least one of the others. Both are duck soup pigs! Roxy likes to hide and watch what everyone’s doing. But, when it’s time for duck soup, she comes running, but tends to only have a little. She’s more of an ‘I’m too pretty to play’ girl that squeaks at random times. Maggie and Miss Daisy are both crazy about the rice box. As soon as they get in there and I start playing with them in the rice, they dook, squeak, and just go completely nuts! Rice gets everywhere!!! When they’re not in the rice box, they both like to pick on the lazy ones that’re trying to snooze. Maggie sometimes has her share of duck soup, while Miss Daisy always seems to be too busy to care. Hopefully, she’s having her portion when I’m not watching.
All have settled in well. You’d never know they’ve only been here since January!  Cheesy
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« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2007, 09:45:02 PM »

My numbers are soooooo much more realistic I almost feel safe enough to take a nice, deep relaxing breath...........almost...... Cheesy ......just don't want to let my guard down for too long.........I feel like I want to break out and start singing that Carol Burnette song from Annie but put in little ferrets instead of little girls......"....some women are dripping in diamonds.....some women are dripping with pearls.....look at me...look at me....look at what I'm dripping with....little ferrets......" :blink:

Chelsea- had a bit of a scare.  Foster mom kindly shared her respiratory virus with the furry household and the older girls didn't fair as well unfortunately.  A bit of TLC, a bit of stomach medication and some antibiotics and she's feeling better already.  This old girl has quite the set up in my room with access to the whole house.......the only other thing is her hair is starting to fall out despite the leupron......hmmmm.....melatonin maybe..... :huh:

Angel- the other old bird that was particularily under the weather and a bit touch and go for a few days....thanks to one of our super foster homes, she had the much needed TLC and treatment from 'magic hands' auger and is on the road to recovery. There is definately a special place in my heart for these old kids......... :rolleyes:

Snoopy-he's still feeling like a star after all the Christmasy fun!!!  He still loves his new beds and toys and play things!  What a kid!  He's so responsive now when I speak to him......he has the most endearing, startled look on the planet........not so smart I'm afraid but soooooo cute!!!!!!

Panda- She looks good, plays crazy, eats hardy.........one of these days the right home will come along.......I love this furball!

Spunkmeyer-Yes....this nutball is at my home now...thanks for winding him up first Kalimata!!!! :blink:

Kegan- Great coat and his weight is perfect!  He is even playing with the younger crowd!  You're only as old as you feel................ B)

Gwen-She plays with her favorite pals, Animal, Spunkmeyer, Jojo and Finn.....and she really doesn't ever stop...........pretty girl too!  She's starting to give kisses and cuddles.......ahhhhh..........

Jojo-still with me......still fun and healthy.......loves her duck soup and acting all squirrely........silly girl!

Finn-This here is a certifiably insane critter.....the wildest, most ecstatic display of weasel war dance ever.....can you tell someone is happy?! Tongue

Animal-The name, my friends, says it all.......no change, still cuckoo.......

Oscar and Tala-funny pair.....Oscar loves the rice box!!!! Tala loves to climb and boss Oscar around.  They are definately young at heart!

Storm-looks like hell but is super happy.  Still loving duck soup and she played the other day.....was the strangest and funniest thing I ever saw.....and then she attacked me....you go girl! :blink:

There you have it.............how long will it last........who knows.......... Wink

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« Reply #5 on: February 11, 2007, 07:06:19 PM »

Sock Bandit:  very active and playful.  Went to vet to check small bump on withers that kept bleeding.  It seems to be a mast cell growth - not malignant or spreading, but releasing histamines that may add to his itchiness.  He had a cream on it for a while and it has healed to a stable pale pink.  

He had also been gakking more than usual, and so was recommended to have extra furball treatment.  The vet mentioned that the commercial paste had enzymes that helped break up protein masses such as hair, but otherwise was just petroleum jelly and flavour.  Sock Bandit enjoyed daily dollops of yummy, sticky petroleum jelly to lick from my finger and his whiskers, and I have been giving him linatone on a bowl rather than on his furry tummy  --- this seems to have lowered his 'gak' rate.

Sock Bandit has had a bad infestation of ear mites which much bothered him.  Been treated and cleaned more regularly this month - less itchy, but the mites are still in there.  Did an especially thorough treatment of the edges of his ear flaps and the fur around his head for the nits, plus on-going laundry blitz for all ferret towels, corner cozies, pillows and cloth toys.  Having all hardwood, vinyl and linoleum floors plus little upholstery simplifies the campaign.

Tika: doing fine.  Is sleeping more than cagemate Sock Bandit (i.e. he always wakes up when I'm going by or tending the cages and asks to come out, so he gets extra outside playtime, while she does this much less).  When she's out, very frisky and lively, often careening into Sock Bandit and running around like a banshee.  She hasn't been showing adrenal symptoms, and had her regular Lupron shot Jan 28.  Also has had extra ear treatment - I could see she had mites (investigated closely in very sunny light) but they don't seem to bother her or trigger wax build-up as they do in Sock Bandit.  Her teeth are looking well despite having lost some over the past year, her gums only a little tender upon being brushed.

Skyler:  doing quite well for an old adrenal guy.  Affectionate and curious - not as much physical frisking, but steady trotting around to supervise human activities and burrowing in fabric and boxes to investigate what's going on.  

His spleen is quite enlarged giving him a big taut tummy.  His prostate was tightening, blocking a free free flow of urine,  but he wasn't at the stage of actually needing to strain.  Just a little at a time, a lot of times, and not so fast in and out of the litter box - like a lot of older fellows of all species!  Fur coverage stable - tail fur still never grown back.  Lupron shot (200) Jan 28.  His ears, as always, produce much wax, but aren't itchy.  He too has been getting extra ear treatment.  His teeth are very white and shiny and gums very healthy.  

Mocha getting more frail.  His good-sized adrenal tumours must be brewing away inside, but I believe medicines help to make him comfortable.  His fur loss progressing a bit more up his torso, but the fur thinning on top of his head is halted.  He is losing muscle tone fast on his hindquarters and stumbles around even more than has always been his wont.  Lupron shot Jan 28.  

He developed an unpleasant bladder/urinary infection, although with no apparent  straining to pee.  After a vet visit Jan 30, he has two daily doses of antibiotic (in the delicious pink strawberry version), as well as continuing his daily pediapred doses (his previous delight in the latter's deliciousness suffered by comparison with the antibiotic, but he still takes it well after accepting that no, he's NOT getting more of the other just then.  

His ears don't show signs of irritation or excessive wax, but he too is getting extra ear treatments in the mite campaign.  His back upper left teeth have always been horrendous, and the gum around one tooth is permanently receded and allowing bad root conditions.  The tooth and gum liquid treatment tastes very bitter, so I haven't cared to force it on him too often.  I'm pleased that all the rest of his teeth and gums are in quite good health these days.

Despite all his treatments and conditions, his eyes and expression are bright.  He may not be jumping around or even trotting continuously all over the house as he used to, yet he's always alert when there's possibility of coming out of the cage and he's glad to exercise a reduced intensity of supervision of house activities.
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