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Author Topic: January 2007  (Read 2652 times)
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« on: January 01, 2007, 11:36:26 AM »

Another busy month has come and gone.  There hasn't been much change at my home... all ferrets here are doing fairly well, although we thought we almost lost Lance a couple of weeks ago - he had another seizure and it took us quite a while to pull him out of it.  We've upped his pediapred dose again and he hasn't had any other problems since then.

We tried another integration experiment - this time with the 7 less aggressive ferrets here (we have 13 in total).  In the end, the most we could have out at once was about 5.  Teemu got a nasty nip on the ear and Bear was so scared he hid in the octopus most of the time.  The moral of the story is that it's not always easy to integrate the old guys - especially when you have to worry about their medical conditions, etc.  For now, we're going to stick with 6 separate shifts and occasionally add one or two ferrets when appropriate.

Buster:  He's doing well, but gets bored easily.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a good companion who will tolerate his aggression (other than one of the cats).

Teemu: Other than the scab on his ear, he is doing really well.  He's been very active lately and is now demanding to go downstairs each morning (we normally don't let ferrets on the main floor, except for the older ones under close supervision).

Lancelot:  He's hanging in there.  Some days he has more energy than others.  He manages to eat about 50% of his soup on his own, and the rest we assist him using a syringe.  

Bear:  He really does need to lose some weight, but we don't want to cut back on his soup as we use it to manage his insulinoma.  He's starting to show more signs though and may need to start taking pediapred soon.  Spends much of his time sleeping, but does like to explore downstairs on occasion.

Powder:  His energy levels have increased significantly lately, although his Poop is still too soft and smelly.  We're not sure if it's due to the Pediapred he's on or if he has a long term case of IBD.  We'll probably end up taking both Bear and Powder in to see the vet in the new year.

Pepi and Mindy:  Both are still doing well and continue to be the most active and playful ferrets in the group here (although they tend to nip frequently when they're out playing).

Pixie, Cricket and Jingles:  Pixie and Jingles seem to have recovered from whatever "flu" went through here.  Pixie could stand to gain a little more weight, but it certainly hasn't slowed her down and she still attacks most other ferrets.  Cricket continues to be one of the cutest ferrets here and it's fun to hear her dooking when she's playing.  Mr. Jingles is a lot more laid back and would rather cuddle than play.

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« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2007, 11:02:25 AM »

Well, the new year sees our little ones doing rather well.

Laurel and Hardy:  These boys, what a sweet pair.  They are living the good life, and enjoying their new playtime arrangements.  We now work on 12 hour shifts in the living room, fosters for 12 hours, then ours for 12 hours.  Laurel is always up and about, and he just loves hiding his toys.  Hardy is as active as ever, and plays with Laurel, Jack, and the visiting Inca and Dillan.

Jack:  I was worried about him for a bit.  He slept a lot after we lost Jill, and didn't seem all that interested in playing.  Now, totally different story!  He and Laurel and Hardy play quite a bit, and he enjoys the tubes, and the ricebox.  Jack also discovered the joys of playing "Chase my Daddy" in the apartment hallway.  He prefers sleeping with Hardy, and he is enjoying playing with Inca, and sleeping with Dillan.  Jack's Secret Santa has gifted him with a really sweet fleece tube.  It's about 4 feet long, and he loves it!  All the fosters sleep in the tube at the same time.
Jack still gets .5cc of Solcrate in the morning, and in the evening.  His weight has hit a plateau, no loss, no gain.  He's a still a little skinny, so we may try to introduce him to some Carni-Care or some like type high calorie food, I'll keep everyone posted.

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