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Author Topic: December 2006  (Read 2683 times)
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« on: December 03, 2006, 07:33:43 PM »

Wow, time flies!  It's hard to believe it's the last month of the year already.  I've got 13 ferrets in my place right now, and 10 of them are Fosters.  Bear and Powder moved in for a while, which brings me up to 6 separate shifts!  I had to suspend the test of integrating the ferrets as it wasn't working in the evenings.  Pepi and Pixie would attack each other for a while (no blood though and Pepi was dooking most of the time) and all the other ferrets would scatter to a hiding place and go to sleep.  I'll try again during the Christmas break (I've got 2 weeks off) so I can do the play times in the morning when they're all anxious to get out and play.

Bear and Powder

Bear definitely needs to lose some weight.  He's like a big cuddly teddy bear right now.  I've reduced his soup intake a little bit and will closely monitor his weight.  Otherwise he's doing well.  He did have a small seizure one night when his soup was delayed a couple of hours.  We may need to start him on Pediapred soon to help control his Insulinoma.

Powder has been battling a nasty case of diarrhea, but it seems to be clearing up a little now.  He's back on soup to help regain some weight he lost.  Despite this, he's still a happy, active, playful guy.

Cricket, Pixie and Jingles

No change with these three.  They're still healthy, active, happy and playful.  Pixie is still the dominant ferret in the house and will attack anyone who questions her supremacy. She's also the best face/body washer in the house.  


Lance continues to amaze us.  His teeth were bothering him this week so we had to help feed him by using a syringe (which he happily drank from).  Things have improved and he's back to eating on his own again.  He really hates having his teeth cleaned, but it's the only way to keep the problems in check.


We finally found a playmate for Buster - one of our downstairs cats!  As with a select few ferrets, he is allowed access to the main floor and he has a great adventure when down there playing tag with the cats.


Teemu is doing well for an old guy.  His biggest problem is he refuses to use the litter box when out playing and has occasional accidents in the cage.

Pepi and Mindy

Pepi and Mindy are doing really well.  I don't know what I would do without these two. they really lift my spirits when out playing (despite the nips from Mindy and Pepi insisting on climbing me to clean my ears).  Pepi is doing really well on the soup diet and hasn't had a bad episode for at least 2 weeks.


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« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2006, 02:17:18 PM »

During November 2006: Mocha & Skyler, Sock Bandit & Tika

The four were at Hotel Suzanne for a couple of weeks mid to late November.  All three had their Lupron shots on the occasion and, doubtless, lots of cossetting.

Sock Bandit is bumpily fellow as always: good health, good spirits, good temperament.  He has had a skin bump on his right shoulder blade, but it doesn't seem to bother him.  His ears are always itchier than the others after salon day of ear cleaning, teeth tending and claw clipping.

Tika had Doctor Fu Manchu claws that I kept forgetting to clip -- she runs around so much at playtime and then disappears quickly into hidey holes that I wasn't noticing the claws close up everytime I had time to do them.  Then when I did notice them, it was always when I didn't have time.  She climbs her cage very well with long claws, sometimes slipping out of her side of the cage to provoke Skyler.  He promptly clamps onto her and shakes, whereupon she squeals and remembers why not to come out of her cage until I'm ready for her.

Mocha is rapidly losing the fur on his hindquarters, despite recent Lupron shot   (looks like he's running around without his pants on). He has also started to be aggressive towards cagemate Skyler earlier than usual after his shot.  Will be upping frequency to once per two weeks, I think.  He's still feeling well with the Pediapred: very frisky and playful, dashing about and jumping.

Skyler's tail fur never has grown back as his body fur did with more regular Lupron treatment.  Otherwise, he seems to be doing well, at least through November on the once per month frequency.  He was helping fold laundry, of which there was much following my return..
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« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2006, 10:49:41 PM »

Well. My numbers have gone down somewhat.....though I suspect with Superpet's super deal on ferrets this Christmas season, that may change...........so here' what we have so far;

Chelsea- I'm so proud of my little girl!  She is doing great.  She has her own room which I am aloud to sleep in.  She poops in the litter box which I move around a number of times a day to accomadate her tastes. She feels frisky when she gets her feet wet and hisses and rolls over on her back to play once a week whether she needs to or not.............If I 'm late making her duck soup, she eats cat kibble and poops in my doorway.   I love the ol' bird.  Tongue

Storm- She bites my toes.  I think she is trying to tell me something because she just sort of stands at my feet and latches on quietly and then holds on calmly.  Course, I think she may be a tad senile and may just think I am like the other ferrety toys and needs to be moved to the special toy spot.  She's very thorough.  She sleeps in a pile of her very own ferrets and seems content.

Angel- My little albino Princess has the most intense look as she stares up at me from the floor......something like, " get your act together you time management tragedy...I should have been fed an hour ago and you know how this irritates my irritable bowel disease........."

Snoopy- He is soooooo looking forward to Christmas since he heard whisperings of special presents especially for him this year.  He's still rather stout and when he sleeps with his back up against the big ferret bed, I feel that the image would be complete with a beer on his belly and a remote control in his paw........don't worry, I tease him with love.......he still tolerates my kisses if it means he'll get to the food dish sooner........ergo the spare tire in his middrift.  He is our special boy!  Keep your eye out for pictures this Christmas of Snoopy and his gifts!

Panda- I'm sure she's trying to tell me something.  She's been biting any strangers that come into the room and giving me extra kisses.......teacher's pet.  I suspect we may have more of an issue finding her an appropriate forever home than previously thought.  I think she's one of the few young ferrets who does not fancy change.  Yeesh.  :rolleyes:

Gyno- He's looking soooooo healthy.  He's still the nicest ferret in the world....I may say this more than once about more than one ferret so just go with it.....He's everything a ferret owner would want.  He plays, he's cute, he snuggles, he's gentle, he has most definately mastered the 'puppy dog look'  and uses it without shame.  Life is good for Gyno.

Animal-What a cool ferret.  You can almost see the wheels turning when he looks at things and is definately our problem solver.  The other ferrets go to him when they need something done....a door opened that they are not aloud into, a box knocked off a shelf, a food dish spilled, a human convinced that everyone needs to have the entire house to run in and trash, lest they all wither away and die of boredom.

Cujo and CC- Playful, cute, soft, playful.......CC plays a bit rough for my sissy hands and thinks me a pansy for asking her to be gentle.  Gee whiz Cujo, how do you put up with her?  Cujo loves his beauty sleep and it appears to be working.

Gwen and Kegan - Kegan had put on some great weight and his coat softened.  In the last few weeks though he seems to be going back to his summer self.  He is older and seems to be healthy otherwise but we may be taking him in to see 'magic hands' Auger soon.  Gwen drives me bananas......and I think she does it on purpose.  <_<

Finn - supposedly adopted and just waiting to hear from his new mom.  Until then he's flipped his lid.

JoJo- Same thing.......she's looking gorgeous!  Put on some weight and now has her lovely winter coat.   Still nutso.

Duncan and Aiden- I think they're supposed to be adopted but we'll have to check in and see what's going on.  Aiden is going to explode and I don't think Duncan's coat can get any darker..........

Mr Pickles and Lucky- Are adopted!!!!  Yeah!!!!! Omigod their new family have no idea what they are in for.....hee hee......... Tongue

Felix and Ozzy - Are also adopted!  yeah to their new home!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

 That's all folks......we have some new surrenders in this month so keep an eye out for them on the website!!!!!! :ph34r:

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