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Author Topic: August 2006  (Read 2507 times)
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« on: August 02, 2006, 07:53:41 PM »

Once again, we've been shuffling ferrets around.  The good news, Spanky and Ashes were adopted.  The bad news was we took in 9 more ferrets.  The latest group will be posted on the website on Sunday.

Buster and Lancelot have moved to a new foster home, and I'm sure they're going to be spoiled rotten there.  

Pepi and Mindy continue to be my most active and entertaining ferrets.  They are happy, healthy balls of fun when they're out playing.   Pepi is doing well on only 2 soup feedings a day and only vomited twice all month (both days his soup was late).   Mindy is demanding more out time, so I've started letting them out for an hour or two each evening (in addition to the entire morning).

Cricket, Pixie and Jingles arrived at my place 2 days ago and are starting to settle in.  Pixie is adrenal, but we cannot find which side the tumour is on.  Each month her Vulva swells up so she's going to have to be monitered very closely til we figure out what to do.   Despite the tumour, she's a very happy and playful ferret - as are Cricket and Jingles.  Pixie loves to jump in the tub, so I have to close off the bathroom when she's out.  Jingles figured out how to jump my gate on the stairs the first day he arrived and if I forget to put the extension on, he's downstairs in no time.  Cricket is yet another cute DEW (like Mindy and Peeka) who's full of energy and curiosity.

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« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2006, 01:58:53 AM »

Here's my august update....sorry for not completing the July one.....bear with me....

Chelsea- still kicking....has frisky moments once a week....too cute.  Good life and seems content.

Essa- surgery went well and his weight is wwwaaaayyyy better. He's blowing his coat and has episodes of diarrhea that put him behind a bit and feeling not up to par.  Lots of love gets him bouncing again.  He's so wonderful and a great free roam single.  Depending on how his next visit with our ferret guru vet goes, his adoption is pending......wish him luck!!!

Grace- gotta love her.....still happy....wanna see her go like a wind up toy, let her lose in the whole house....yippeee!!!!

Storm- still looks like a drowned rat.  We love her though.  I guess she's my version of the 'funky old lady' and there's no going back.  She's hangin' with Grace and Angel and doin' okay.....

Angel- she's beautiful and is now giving kisses!!!  Thanks Jen!!!!! She plays lots but is also content to snuggle with her fav's like snoopy and grace.......

Snoopy- he looks great and I sure wish he'd use the litter box.  I've had over 30 ferrets for a bit and now that I'm getting down under 20 I'll be able to spend more time with him.  He wants his rice box back.  He looks great and he develops everyday!  Sssssooooooo cute!!!!!!

Panda- she's soft, she's playful, she's snuggly and she still poops these little poopies all over the countryside.  We're at a loss.  Didn't end up having surgery because there turned out nothing to be removed.  She has a check up with Essa and Deagle so we'll let you know what alternatives we are trying....

Smeagle and Deagle-this pair definately fell off the sweetness bus....they are so darling and yet super playful.  I'm really suspicious of Deagle and adrenal.....his previous owners already thought so but never started treatment so he is going in to see the super vet next week......if all is well, this awesome pair have a forever home.......again, wish us luck!!!!

Crunch and Buster-SSSllllllooooowww doooowwwnnn you crazy balls of energy!  I can't keep up!!!! I forget what it's like to have youngsters....yeesh  :blink: I love them and so does everyone else. If all goes well, they should be in their new home by next week.

Chucky and Chance-this pair is laying waste to the belief that ferrets, particularily the young ones, aren't cuddly......I beg to differ, right kids?! This pair does it all, they play, they're tough and healthy and they love to be cuddled....even for long periods......they are smeagle and deagle's alternates if deagle has adrenal.....otherwise they will most likely only be up for grabs for a short time......

Jack and Jill- well folks, we finally got to the bottom of jack's issues...we think.  After doing everything under the sun to him, the super vet suspects a stomach bacterial thing and so that's the treatment plan for over a month.  We gotta get this guy healthy because they are an awesome pair!!!!!  They're actually at Kalimata's house getting 'fattened' and extra TLC......we'll keep you posted....give us a month.

Merlin and Inka......sorry kids.....their foster mum claimed them....they're too sweet to part with she said........

I think that's it for now.......yeesh..........

Me  Tongue  
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