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Author Topic: Ferret #3  (Read 2063 times)
« on: June 27, 2006, 11:11:19 AM »

Well, I am the proud father of Covu and Charlie along with Vronron. Last night we acquired a little sister for our two little bundles of fun. So, this thread is going to be a bit of everything; an introduction, a short story and an invitation to any response.

The story starts I suppose with Charlie and Covu. As Vronron stated in her post Charlie is quite a bit older than Covu and not much interested in playing with other ferrets, though he doesn't mind snuggling up to sleep or the occasional fight. As such we kind of felt bad for Covu who is still rather young, not too interested in human-ferret play and always trying to get Charlie's attention.

We decided a couple weeks ago that a new, young, and tough companion was needed to meet Covu's active lifestyle. Then my tax return finally came in and we knew we had the funds necessary to take on the challenge of a third playmate. So we headed to Super Pet on Merivale to find they only had a couple smaller ones and the two nice big ones were already sold.

In our defeat we decided to check out the location in Kanata. After we finally got some assistance we were told they had one large MALE left who had been alone for a week or so. Once we saw the little bundle we were sold. Indeed the ferret was large enough to be Covu's playmate and got along very well with us giving us kisses and crawling all over us.

Finally we got the new one home and let the exploring begin. Shortly after the boys had awoken we noticed something funny which called for an immediate change in the other two ferrets lifestyle (for the better). Samson as we had originally dubbed the new one had managed to soil her underbelly and got litter stuck to her. After a few minutes of wondering why this didn't happen to the others when they peed a few pieces clicked, Samson was a she and not a he as we'd been informed. While giving her lower portion a quick cleaning we confirmed our beliefs and she is now called Eve.

So, from this we've learned a few new things. NEVER trust pet store employees with pet gender (EVERY time I've purchased a pet the gender has been wrong, bad luck on my behalf). Secondly, even though everyone screams bloody murder at clumping litter for ferrets it doesn't seem to cause ANY issues with males (ours were in perfect health when we took them for a check up). We used it because the previous owners had said they tried everything else and this brand and type was all they'd use (though they seem to have taken to the paper pellets without any issue now that they must).

So, we are smitten with our new Evey and after a rough first night in her new home she seems to be adjusting. She is sleeping on the third level of the cage curled in with Charlie right now. When she's let out she still gets afraid and fights with both of them, and a little harder than she should. Hopefully after a week or two she'll be back to her human cuddling and ferret frollicking ways.
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« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2006, 05:24:29 PM »

Hey there!  

Great story!!!  Well, we are here to help you with any questions you may have...having said that....I justs recently was told that one of my new foster kids is a girl and I just took it for granted it was a bouncing baby boy....shame on me....well, with 32 fuzzies running around, it's no wonder I'm a tad forgetful.....

ME  :lol:  
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