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Author Topic: June 2005  (Read 2188 times)
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« on: June 19, 2005, 02:31:22 PM »

Greetings everyone!  It's time to bring you up-to-date on our fosters.

Right now I am fostering two groups:  Anna and Bandit and Howie and Willie.  

Anna and Bandit are happy and healthy ferrets and thier nipping has decreased significantly.  Both love to climb and whenever given a chance will climb to the tops of all the cages.  Anna has a ball chasing you when you're walking and will take flying leaps at your legs (she's a real cutie).  Because they nip, they need a home with someone who is experienced handling ferrets.

Howie and Willie are the cutest, sweetest ferrets you could ever want.  Unfortunately, Willie has been diagnosed as likely being adrenal.  The tumour is small, but it is affecting her so we'll have to arrange for surgery in the near future.  These two are so cute that it's going to be hard for me to let them go whenever someone is ready to adopt them.  Following is a note that their former family wrote when they were surrendered.  Enjoy!

What I love, Will Miss, And Will Always Remember About Our Furry Babies Is...

Willie snuggling in my sleeve.

Willie snuggling like a cradled baby in my arms and shirt.

Howie not wanting to snuggle after he realized how comfortable he was snuggling you.

Howie licking your hand to make you feel better when you squeak the toy and then Willie running over to hiss and take it away.

Howie and Willie playing with the tube and Howie only goes in occasionally to spite Willie.

Howie burying his head in the rice to hide the fact that he is actually eating the rice.

Willie cleaning out the tube whenever there was something in it.

Willie lying at your feet while you did the dishes.

Howie climbing the back of the cage to stand on the top of the cage.

Back rides with them as you crawl around the floor.

Howie soaking the cage as he splashes water on his paws and food.

Their tails as they got excited.

The way that Howie swam so well at the beach that time.

The way that they dug holes in my mom's garden.

The way they slid across the lawn like snakes.

The way Howie gives that look of helplessness and you feel sorry for him even when if he is being bad.

The way that Howie sleeps with his tongue out.

The loneliness cry they would let out as babies so we would have to spend time with them.

The way they would run around mad after you gave them a bath because they didn't want to, Willie would usually give Howie a couple of bites and tackle him out of the way.

The way they yawn when you rub them.

The way they close their eyes when they eat.

The excitement they get from their treat jar being shaken.

The way that Willie prefers the lighter colored treats and Howie prefers the darker colored treats.

The way they liked that cardboard slide we had at the last apartment until Willie flew off the side.

Their sock fetish.

The way they bite your feet when they get over excited.

Their complete and utter clumsiness.

Their undying devotion.

The way that they re-organize (mainly Howie) their toys when you re-arrange them in their cage.

The way they hide things.

The way they run at the door as you walk into a room.

The way they jump like crazy when you have them on our bed.

The way that when I first met Howie his head was too big for his body.

The way that Howie would follow me around that cage when we first met and would not let me leave without him.

The way Howie fell asleep in my arms the first time that I ever held him.

The way that Howie would hide under the couch to escape Willie when we first brought him home.

The way they run up stairs so quickly and awkwardly.

The way when they wake up that they stretch with back feet straight back, head forward, eyes closed, tongue out, teeth showing,  front legs forward, fingers apart, and tail up.

The way they scratch their nose on the carpet after some ferretone.

The noise they make when the play together.

The way they control you in an outdoor walk.

The way they would dunk their heads in your water glass but not go for a bath.

The way that they would climb all over you when you pick them up so that you had no choice but to let them down on something so they would run away from you.

Their excitement with different rooms to play in.

The sound of their sneezes.

The softness of their fur.

The softness of the skin on their paws.

The way Willie would climb into your sleeve and keep her stretched feet out so you had to tickle them.

The way you would find them sleeping in you clothes in a drawer and just have to say, "Awe", no matter what kind of a mood you where in.

The way they run.

The way they pop their heads out of their castle to look at you.

The way you find Willie on the top of the castle when you think she went away.

The way they look so comfortable in the morning on purpose so that you want to stay home.

The way they sleep so that you don't know who is who and what body part is what.

The way they can contort their body through virtually anything.

The way they can figure things out after only watching you do it once.

The way that at the Ferret Frolic they would climb into other peoples bags with no concern over the person's opinion.

The reaction that people gave them.

The way they were so gentle with everybody.

The way that Howie would be concerned when our daughter cried, wishing he could do something to help her.

The concern and care that they gave each other, by grooming each other to sleep and snuggling when they needed it.

The proud look on their faces as they would run and hide things.

Howie's tail wagging while he waited at one end of the tube for Willie to come out.

The way they jump like a flying squirrel.

The way that Howie tackles Willie like a linebacker in football.

The way Willie gets excited at the sound of the "Pocket Repeat Pal" game.

The way they look at you with love all the time.

The uniqueness of them from other animals.

Their different colors of fur all blending into one perfect design.

The way that we will always love them and miss our babies.

Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area
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