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Author Topic: April 2005  (Read 2590 times)
« on: April 16, 2005, 10:27:11 AM »

Calamity found a forever home quite quickly and we wish her all the best with her two new litter mates.  The meeting went well, not even one bottle tail.  Calamity has incredible levels of engery so I am pleased she has other fuzzies to play with.

Hershey is being fostered by someone else.  I saw him last week.  He is a little quiet and still fragile but loves exploring his nice, warm home.  He was sleeping with Daisy but she was adopted.  He will be introduced to other ferrets slowly as he gains more confidence and strength.

Luna is still Luna.  Strong, brassy and doing well inspite of her adrenal.

Nyx is still the most mellow girl.  Loves to cuddle and does come looking for her scratches.

Aston.  I am sorry last month I wrote Alex instead of Ashton.  We took Ashton in on Friday and he was put to sleep.  We stayed with him to remind him that he was really loved.  He was very ill and while I had hoped he could pull through, it was too much for his little body.  He is missed.

Isis.  She is missing Ashton, she lavishes attention on us that she would have given to him.  She is a sweet and active girl, even with the adrenal, enlarged liver, spleen and heart.
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« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2005, 12:51:58 PM »

fosters Skyler, Misty, Mocha

Skyler went to the vet April 19 for follow-up on his wheezing, to check for ear mites, and suspected adrenal symptoms developing fast over previous week (starting to straining to pee and dribbling, and being constantly aggressive to Miss Misty).  (1) Throat thoroughly examined and area palpated for internal tumours, but nothing found except continued irritation and continued problems inhaling.  Discontinued the ineffective antibiotic treatment for the wheezing.  (2) Ears xamined to discover little ear canal tumours (not uncommon) and went under puffs of gas to have badly blocked ears cleaned (I still think he is deaf, though).  (3) No adrenal tumours felt, so he was not given Luperon or suggested for melatonin.  Possibly been aggressing Misty because he senses she's weaker post-surgery and because she was separated while in recuperation and he felt need to re-establish dominance.  (4) Was injected with shot effective for three months relating to throat irritation  which might also address urination and behavioural problems.  BY END APRIL, Skyler still wheezing on the intake, but urinary problems have improved and he no longer aggresses Misty.  He is very people-oriented and turning into a bit of a lap ferret

Misty had exploratory surgery April 6 about her abdominal tumour.  Turned out to be inoperable on one adrenal gland, but it isn't causing her any problems or symptoms, so she was just sewn up.  While under anaesthesia, she had her teeth de-scaled plus some extractions on one side.  She recuperated well and is spritely, despite a bout of greenies about two weeks post-operation (gut fauna probably adjusting after coming off anti-biotics).  She eats hard kibble happily despite tooth loss.  She continues to nip at the heel for attention when frisky, but is being disciplined and has been doing it less than when she came.

Mocha:  I de-scaled teeth and have been watching to see how his irritated gums are healing.  By end of April, parts of gums not grown back and probably are permanently receded, but gums generally pink and healthier-looking.

All ferrets active and seemingly in good spirits.  Seeing improved aerobic fitness from running up and down stairs.  Perhaps Mocha is least strong on his hind legs and Skyler most out of breath (but he wheezes on the in-breath).  None are being good about litter box - Misty marginally the best, Skyler worst!
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